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Make Your Own Monster Kit
S1e17b make your own monster kit
Name Make Your Own Monster Kit
Purpose Creating a monster
Type Kit
Owner Hildy
First appearance "Frankengloom"

The Make Your Own Monster Kit is used to create a monster. Having first appeared in "Frankengloom", Hildy purchased the kit to have a monster scare away Queen Delightful from her castle. The 7D later used the Make Your Own Monster Kit to create a new friend and love interest for the Glooms' creature.

Role in The 7D

The Make Your Own Monster Kit contains a seed which, added by water, would then transform into a monster. Hildy successfully done this after reading its instruction manual, but she then faced a problem: the newly created monster is tiny. The kit advises that the monster can grow by feeding it a certain amount of food, depending on what size the monster can be. Hildy wants her monster huge, so she feeds it a large amount. Also packaged with the kit is a whistle and a bell: At the sound of a whistle, the monster will go on a violent rampage, and at the sound of a bell, the monster will calm down, reverting back to its docile state. After Grim takes a whack at it by whistling and ringing the bell multiple times, Hildy is then ready to proceed with her plan to scare the Queen away, so she gives a whistle to her monster to do the deed. Later, after the monster turned his life around towards a music career and defeating the Glooms, Doc used one of the Make Your Own Monster Kits to create Aah as a sign of friendship.


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