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(Open up on The 7D exercising outside their cottage)

(Song: "Exercise Jam")
Happy: Come on, guys, let's look alive
One and two, three, four, and five
We're small in size, but strong and fit
We exercise more than we sit
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Can you do ten? Then do eleven!
Grumpy: I did four. Done.

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle and Delightful is exercising)
Magic Mirror: Here we go, and move it
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!
Work it, Delightful. You go, queen!
You are rockin' this routine!
Ooh ooh! Ooh ooh!
Wag that tail and keep it shakin'!
Squire Peckington: Ooh, boy, my wings are achin'
Magic Mirror: Queen Delightful's in command
You're the fairest in the land!
Say "Hey!"
Queen Delightful: Hey!
Magic Mirror: Ooh!
Queen Delightful: Ooh!
Magic Mirror: Queen Delightful's in command
She's the fairest in the land!
(song ends)

(cut to Hildy watching the Queen exercising on her Crystal Ball at the Glooms' manor)
Hildy: What?! That is not true. I'm the fairest in the land.
Grim: (paints Hildy's toenails) Of course you are, Hildy Wildy.
Hildy: But I want a mirror to tell me I'm the fairest.
Grim: But you have me to do that, my candling.
Hildy: Oh, Grimmy, that's so sweet. (suddenly grabs Grim by the collar) But I want my own magic mirror to say it to me and I want it NOW! (calmly) Pwease, Gwimmy Whimmy?
Grim: Uhh, you know I can't resist your baby talk.
Hildy: Goo.
Grim: I'm off!
Hildy: GOO!

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