S1e06a Mount Jollymanjaro

Mount Jollymanjaro is a location in Jollywood, making its first appearance in "Sleepytime". It is the tallest of The 7 Jewel Mountains, which also includes Mount Jollywood and Tick Tock Mountain (see Jollywood for map). Its name is a pun on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest elevation.

In the series

In "Sleepytime", Hildy wanted to break her rival Snazzy Shazam's record for the most people to be put to sleep which is also awarded at a ceremony, which stands at one hundred. Since Jollywood has 101 people, Hildy proceeds. The Glooms' spell required for it to be cast at Mount Jollymanjaro's summit. Everyone in Jollywood fall asleep – with the exceptions of Sleepy and Queen Delightful's dog Sir Yipsalot. The two were already dozed off before the spell was cast and they teamed together to get everyone to wake up. After the Glooms departed for the awards show, Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot arrived at the Glooms' manor. They come across their opened book of spells and it states that the sleeping spell can be broken if the command "Stop snoozing everybody!" is shouted atop Mount Jollymanjaro by sundown – or they'll sleep eternally.

The Glooms somehow forgot that one person is always tired in Jollywood and that is Sleepy. They left the show to find him along with Sir Yipsalot at Mount Jollymanjaro and make sure he sleeps. But Sleepy tricked them into thinking he's asleep as a sleeping spell hits a rock he was standing next to. As usual, the Glooms failed when Sleepy managed to break the spell and the award for the most people put to sleep is given to the awards presenter because his dull voice made 150 people in the audience doze off.

Mount Jollymanjaro reappears in "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof". Hildy tries to get rid of a white cat (as one of the mystical magical kittens of Catalina) because she wants a black one, but the cat is instantly back at her home by the time Hildy returns.

In "The Queen's Quest", Lord Starchbottom meditates at the summit and gets hit with a flying volleyball from a game between Sneezy and Doc at the beach.



"The Queen's Quest"

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