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Mystical Magical Kittens of Catalina
S1e18b All Seven White Cats
The mystical 7 kittens of Catalina, as they appeared in "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof"
Character Information
Voiced by Unknown
Age 7 weeks old
Gender 1 male, the rest unknown
Hair White
Eyes Green
Family Unknown

The mystical magical kittens of Catalina are a group of seven white kittens with the ability to perform magic once they turn seven weeks old. They first appeared in "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof" where Grim gave one to his wife Hildy, who wanted a black cat, only to find out he had purchased all seven.

Physical appearance

The cats are all white, and has green eyes.


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In the show

Hildy is furious at Grim for presenting her with a white cat instead of a black one. She wants one because her rival Snazzy Shazam has a black cat, but Grim is unable to find it, and Hildy orders Grim to return to the shop for a black one. Then, Hildy tries many attempts to get rid of the white cat outside their manor. But each time she does it (even went as far to place the cat at Mount Jollymanjaro and sending it to the Moon on a rocket ship), the white cat is back at the manor instantly, and it doesn't want to leave! Six more white cats then appear, and after Grim returns, he confesses to Hildy that he had purchased all seven. Hildy angrily still doesn't want them, and Grim decides to leave them in the hands of the 7D.

But before much consideration in the past events about having animals at their cottage in "The 8th D", Dopey took them in from the front door and hides them in the basement. The cats then roam freely around the cottage, including eating Grumpy's cheese, and eventually they are seen by the rest of the 7D. Later, Grim finally finds a black cat for Hildy—the same one that once belonged to Snazzy. Snazzy now wants a white cat because they are suddenly "in", and she hears that the seven cats are actually the cats from Catalina that can perform magic. As Hildy is upset at the fact that she and Grim no longer has them, the 7D is having a great time with the cats entertaining them with their magic.


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