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"Once in a Purple Moon"
Season 2, Episode 19A*
S2e19a title card
Half hour production code: 219A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate October 29, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Jeff Gordon
Written by Sherri Stoner / Deanna Oliver / Sindy Boveda Spackman
Storyboards by Douglas McCarthy
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"There's a Monkey in My Hat"
Suceeded by →
"Water Ya Doin', Dopey?"

"Once in a Purple Moon" is an episode that premiered October 29, 2016 with "Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" on Disney XD.[2] It was previously scheduled for October 15, 2016.

It is the eighty-fourth segment in the series.


When a rare moon event causes Happy and Grumpy to turn into something awful, they try to hide from the others.[3]

From Tom Ruegger

When Doc is laughed out of the Academy during his lecture on phenomena that will take place during an upcoming full moon, he vows to prove that his "Mooney Schmagooney Theory" is correct. But strange happenings accompany the next full moon, which is not a regular full moon, but rather, "a triple-color full moon all the way!"[4]


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  • "Once in a Purple Moon" is a reference to the phrase Once on a blue moon. (A blue moon is the second full moon of a month. They are rare.)
  • In this episode, Queen Delightful makes a very brief appearance.
  • This episode reveals that the 7D can magically transform under different colors of the moon.
    • The red moon causes Happy turn into a werewolf-type being.
    • The blue moon causes Grumpy turns into a joyful business salesman.
    • The orange moon causes Bashful turn into a muscle brute.
    • The yellow moon causes Sleepy turn into a fully awake lunatic.
    • The green moon causes Dopey turn into a weregoat.
    • The indigo moon causes Sneezy turn into a living ragdoll.
    • The purple moon causes Doc turn him into a goofy idiot.
  • Happy was the only dwarf seen during his transformation process.
  • This is one of the episodes the Glooms did not appear.
  • This is one of the few episodes that takes place entirely at night.
  • This marks the third time Dopey had his friends being lost on the way to a destination, the first being "Mirror, Mirror" and second being "Nicely Done and The 7D". In this episode, Dopey ate the map.
  • In Disney Channel Asia, this episode was premiered with "Shapeshifter".
    • Ironically, it's paired episode "Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" was premiered in the following day, thus, making a rerun of this episode.


  • The last name of "Once in a Purple Moon" director Jeff Gordon is misspelled as "Gorgon" in the opening credits.

S2e19a director's credit error

  • When Grumpy walked out of the cottage with his cheese wheel, Sneezy's shirt has five stripes instead of the usual six, as well as the top stripe is blue rather than red and it extends to the top one-third of its sleeves. Then, when Grumpy changed his mind and retreats back inside, Sneezy's shirt still has five stripes, but the last stripe is red instead of blue.
S2e19a '...i need cheese.'S2e19a 'i'm feelin' a little floblodgety.'

  • As the 5D leave their cottage, their cheerful "Heigh Ho!" can be heard, but neither Doc's, Sneezy's, Bashful's, Dopey's nor Sleepy's mouths moved. During this time (see screenshot below on the left), Doc is seen with his arms crossed, while Sneezy and Bashful appear concerned. On the screenshot to the right, after being partly obscured by a tree, the dwarfs appear staring directly at the audience! In addition, the cart they were riding on moved by itself; other episodes show that the cart can only be moved or stopped using the lever.
S2e19a 'hi ho!' 1S2e19a 'hi ho!' 2

  • When the 5D arrive at the cabin, Sneezy is driving the cart, but it also appeared that Doc is also driving the cart at the same time.
S2e19a 5d arriving at the cabin

  • While beast Happy is chasing his friends (with the bathtub as their shield sans Grumpy) around the den, the lower half of Doc's body can be seen. But, at the same time, Doc is still upstairs observing the moon!
S2e19a beast happy chasing his friends around the den


International Premieres

  • March 21, 2017 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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