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S1e11a 'The 8th D' at The 7D's Bedroom
Raspberry, as he appeared in "The 8th D"
Character Information
Occupation Dopey's pet (formerly)
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Enemies Grim and Hildy

Raspberry is Dopey's pet elephant that appeared in "The 8th D". Dopey comes to his aid to remove a hedgehog from one of his feet. Dopey then takes him home to the cottage, but the problem is that he was told by the dwarfs earlier not to bring any more animals with him because they belong in their natural habitats (and that their home is overrun with them).

Raspberry also appeared in The 7D Mine Train before his onscreen debut. On the game app, however, it shows his name as spelled, but is pronounced "tffrt" (like blowing raspberries).


Raspberry is a gray elephant. When disguised, his clothing consists of blue overalls, red shirt, and a green striped hat with a puff on its top. It almost bears a resemblance to Mario in the popular Super Mario Bros. video game franchise.

In the show

Dopey goes for a stroll in the wilderness until he founds an elephant in pain. He finds a hedgehog being stuck on the elephant's foot and then removes it. The elephant is thankful, and he then follows Dopey home, but he tells him to stay because he's not allowed to bring any more animals as pets. Dopey finally relented because of the elephant's sorrow and after they arrive at the cottage, he dresses him as a dwarf. Dopey introduces him to the other dwarfs as "Tffrrt" (blowing a raspberry), and they welcome him.

Meanwhile, Hildy and Grim Gloom are looking for an elephant to steal after they spotted Raspberry, so they leave behind a trail of peanuts. Raspberry and The 7D are on their way home from the mine, but Grumpy instead decides to follow the peanut trail. He falls into the trap, and Hildy foolishly believes that he's the elephant. Grumpy later escapes and after a round of thinking he comes to the realization that Raspberry is really an elephant. The 7D have to return Raspberry to his real home while donning elephant costumes after they learn about the Glooms' plan. While on the way the Glooms are going to attack them, but are chased off by Raspberry's family; and Raspberry is reunited with his family and he and Dopey bid farewell.

In the games

In "The 7D Mine Train", Raspberry appears as Dopey's power-up that can clear jewels and chests out of the way and crush rocks. He does eventually fall into the next pit.


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