This article is about the song. For the character, see Shapeshifter (character). For the episode, see "Shapeshifter".
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Shapeshifter (song)
Artist(s) "Weird Al" Yankovic
Composer(s) TBA
Episode(s) "Shapeshifter"

"Shapeshifter" is a song sung by the titular character, voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic.


The villain other villains feared
My powers are weird
This awesome face-filler

I'm a wicked master of disguise
I'm the kind of guy
Who'll eat the last of your fries
I'm vicious, painful, mean and nefarious
And a lot of other words right here in this thesaurus

What am I up to in Jollywood?
I think it's understood
That I'm up to no good

This evil shapeshifter
Just when you though I couldn't get any worse
I unpack my accordion
And began to rehearse
(accordion playing)


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