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Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger
S1e24 nergadingslinger 1
Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger as seen in "The Rock of Sages"
Character Information

The Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger are a species of colorful, yet rare, birds that make an appearance every ten years in Jollywood. One first appeared in "Free Teensy" at a carnival organized by Queen Delightful to raise money to preserve their nesting grounds. The birds later became the focus of the episode, "Uncle Humidor", when the titular character wants to document the bird in a drawing for his book, The Illustrated Companion of the Birds of Jollywood. So he, his niece Delightful, the 7D and Starchy travel to Mount Jollywood to draw them while the Nergandingslinger bathe in the waters at its base.

The birds' origins are traced to the events of the episode "The Rock of Sages", when a magic beam from the gem hits a buzzard that then transformed into a Nergandingslinger.


The colors of the Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger are blue on its heads and necks, light blue for most of its center and on wings entirely, and blue at its ends with a pink stripe; and orange beaks. They have the ability to fly. The Nergandingslinger gets scared easily, and when they do they run or fly away. They also make nonsensical sounds.

In the series

"Free Teensy"

One of the Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger makes a brief appearance by chasing Lord Starchbottom around Queen Delightful's carnival.

"Uncle Humidor"

Uncle Humidor and company arrive at Mount Jollywood where they spotted many Nergandingslinger bathing. Humidor then warns about keeping the voices down, otherwise the birds would move away. However, one of the birds notice Humidor setting up his easel and runs away, and Humidor chases it. Later, Humidor has Grumpy dressed in a baby Nergandingslinger suit in order to attract the birds. That, too, backfires when one of the birds mistook Grumpy as one of their babies and fly away with him. As Grumpy fears that he won't return to his friends for another ten years, Humidor and the others have to come up with a plan to bring him back. Using The 7D's tunnel network, they pinpoint the Nergandingslinger and Grumpy's location and Humidor shoots out of a cannon from underground to rescue him. When all this is over, Humidor is disappointed that he won't be able to publish his book with a picture of the Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger, but Dopey surprises him with a drawing of the bird. The episode ends with one of the birds eating a copy of the newly published book.

Episode appearances

  • "Free Teensy"
  • "Uncle Humidor"
  • "The Rock of Sages"


"Free Teensy"

"Uncle Humidor"

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"The Rock of Sages"

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