Shriek Auditorium is a public venue located within the Haunted Hills of Jollywood. Several events are held by witches and wizards, all of whom also share the Glooms' dislike of the The 7D.


The auditorium resembles the real life Grauman's/Manns Chinese Theatre (now TCL Chinese Theatre) in Hollywood within Los Angeles. The theatre held many world premieres of movies throughout its history. Shriek Auditorium's name may also be a spoof of Shrine Auditorium, also located in Los Angeles, keeping in line with the series spoofing landmarks related to the L.A. area.

In the show

Shriek Auditorium first made its appearance in "Sleepytime". The event during the episode is an awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Spookiness that includes an award for the witch or wizard who puts the most people to sleep. Front runner Snazzy Shazam's rival, Hildy, wanted to best her and is confident to do so, since Snazzy's record has been 100 people and Jollywood has 101 residents. Atop Mount Jollymanjaro, the Glooms placed the 101 people under their sleeping spell, but are later foiled by the still awake Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot. However, neither Snazzy nor Hildy won the award: The presenter himself is being awarded because 150 people in the audience dozed off because of his very boring voice.

In "Hildyrella", the auditorium hosts the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant, and Hildy again tries to beat Snazzy. After she crashed into a pig pen that ruined her dress and shoes while on the way there, she receives help from the Fairy Godmother, including a new dress and shoes. Meanwhile, Queen Delightful's roller skates were vanished before her rolley derby team plays for the championship and the 7D was called in to investigate. Their trail leads to the auditorium, and before they enter they must disguise themselves as wizards and the judges. During the dance segment, Hildy shows off the queen's skates, but she fell into the judges' table; the 7D is revealed, retrieved the skates, and left the auditorium while fleeing from the flying spells from their enemies. Ultimately, Hildy was suddenly covered in mud from the pig pen as the clock struck midnight before a winner was crowned by Snake Charming (the Fairy Godmother takes the crown).

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