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Singin' in the Shower
Artist(s) Leigh-Allyn Baker
Composer(s) Parry Gripp
Sherri Stoner
Tom Ruegger[1]
Length TBA
Episode(s) "Say Pest to the Dress"

"Singin' in the Shower"[1] is a song sung by Queen Delightful in "Say Pest to the Dress". She sings in the shower after Lord Starchbottom is stalling her so she won't see her wardrobe full of critters during Jollywood's special day. During this time six of the 7D were building machinery to remove the critters from her castle.


Shower, shower, every hour
Shower all day long
In the shower's where I stay
And sing my shower song, hey!

Shower, shower, every hour
Here in my shower too
I'm staying in the shower for an hour's day
And turn into a prune, yay!


Song information

Publisher: Walt Disnety Music Co.
ASCAP Work #889606427


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