Super Slippery Floor Shiner
S1e05b The 7D Polish the Floor 25
Name Super Slippery Floor Shiner
Purpose To shine floors
Type Polishing machine
Owner Doc
First appearance "Starchy Takes a Break"

This article is about the machine. For the song, see "Super Slippery Floor Shiner Song".

Super Slippery Floor Shiner is a machine used by The 7D to polish floors, making it, as the name implies, super slippery (although they also used traditional cleaning and polishing methods to aid in the process while being suspended from ropes tied to the machine). At the beginning of "Starchy Takes a Break", The 7D polished one of castle floors so the Queen can skate on it without using skates. She then encouraged the dwarfs to have some fun on the slippery floor.


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