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Super Slippery Floor Shiner Song
Artist(s) Kevin Michael Richardson, Bill Farmer, Billy West, Scott Menville, Stephen Stanton, Maurice LaMarche and Leigh-Allyn Baker
Composer(s) Parry Gripp, Deanna Oliver, and Paul Rugg[1]
Length TBA
Episode(s) "Starchy Takes a Break"

For the object, see Super Slippery Floor Shiner.

"Super Slippery Floor Shiner Song"[1] is a song about Doc's floor polishing machine in "Starchy Takes a Break". The 7D are helping in the polishing of the castle floor so the Queen can skate on it.


The 7D: Sweep up dust,
Then we must
Scour and scrub the floor!

Mop up dirt,
Mop and squirt,
Polish up the floor.

Make it clean for our Queen!

Delightful: I couldn't ask for anything more...


Song infomation

Publishers: Walt Disney Music Co. (ASCAP)/Wonderland Music Co. (BMI)
BMI Work # 18582319


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