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(The episode opens up on Jollywood Village. The Glooms are seen walking around wearing invisibility hats)
Grim: Are you sure no one in Jollywood can see us?
Hildy: As long as we're wearing these highly-fashionable invisibility hats.
Grim: They are nice.
Hildy: We're completely invisible.
Grim: Really?
Hildy: Except to each other. (Grim, on the other hand, waves his hands on one of the villagers)
(The villager sneezes on Grim's hand)
Grim: (disgusted) Ewwwww...
Hildy: See? She doesn't even know we're here.
Grim: Cool.
Hildy: A lot of them do.
Grim: Cool.
Hildy: Now, we can go wherever we want, listen in on everyone's little secrets.
Grim: Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.
(The Glooms notice Lord Starchbottom)
Hildy: (gasps) It's Lord Starchbottom, going to the Waffle Schnitzel? I bet he knows the Queen's secrets.

(The scene moves inside the restaurant; Lord Starchbottom is eating waffles and enjoying it. The Glooms are sitting next to Starchbottom, still invisible)
Hildy: That's it?
Grim: I don't know.
Hildy: He's just gonna eat waffles?
Grim: He got me.
Hildy: He's not gonna talk to anyone?
Grim: Who knows?
Hildy: Give away any secrets?
Grim: It doesn't look like it.
Hildy: What is he doing?
Grim: Maybe, he just like waffles.
(A loud crash is heard and a hole pops out from the ground and a periscope appears from it, looking around until it finds Starchy)
Doc: Aha! There he is! Found him.
(An elevator then appears from the hole with The 7D in it)
Grumpy: We've been looking all over for you.
Starchbottom: For me? Why?
Dwarfs: (makes "shhhh" noises, then looks around)
Grumpy: Keep it down, we don't want Queen Delightful to hear it. It's a secret.
The Glooms: (in unison) Ooooooh...
Starchbottom: A secret?! (Dopey then quickly covers Starchy's mouth as the others hushed him up again.)
Bashful: About her surprise party. It's her birthday today.
Starchbottom: Her birthday?! (The 7D makes "shhhh" noises again.)
Grumpy: Don't tell us you forgot it's her birthday.
Starchy: But I thought for sure her birthday isn't until---
Grumpy: It's not, it's today.
Happy: So we need you to keep her out of the castle, while we set up her surprise party.
Doc: And you can't let her back to the castle 'til sundown.
Starchy: Sundown? How am I suppose to keep her out of the castle all day?
Grumpy: Well, you better think of something or you're gonna ruin her whole party.
Starchy: Oh dear. Oh, I, I, I don't want to do that.
Grumpy: Then go get her out of the castle already, you're wasting time. Go! (Starchy then runs out of the restaurant and heads back to the castle)
Dwarfs (except Dopey): Heigh Ho!

(The 7D then descended down using the elevator they used earlier)
Hildy: So, the queen is having a surprise party. Well, well, you know what that means, don't you, Grim?
Grim: We break into the mine and steal all the jewels.
Hildy: No, it means I want you to give me a surprise party too!
Grim: Huh?

(Back at the Glooms' manor)
Hildy: (singing) Surprise party for me! Surprise party for me!
Grim: (lies down at a table, sighs)
Hildy: I've always wanted my very own surprise party, it's gonna be so much fun! At sundown, I'll come through the door and everyone will jump out, and they'll all yell "Surprise!", and I'll be so surprised.
Grim: Uh, but Hildy, I've never thrown a surprise party. I don't know how.
Hildy: Just go spy on The 7D and do what they do at their party.
Grim: Right.
Hildy: Oh, and make sure you invite all my friends.
Grim: Uh-huh... And those would be?
Hildy: What?
Grim: I mean, you don't have any friends, I'm just sayin'.
Hildy: Oh. Then I better go get some. (She then walks to the door, about to head out) And I hope this party's good or my... (Hildy pouts) itsy-bitsy, weenie-beanie heart would be broken for the rest of my life. (Hildy pouts some more) No pressure. Toodles! (Hildy leaves then closes the door)
Grim: (sighs heavily)

(At the castle, Starchy is taking Queen Delightful to a stroll using the Sky Bucket)
Starchy: Right this way, your Majesty.
Queen Delightful: But Lord Starchbottom, I don't understand, where are we going?
Starchbottom: Oh yes, well, well... (mumbles)

(cut to Starchy)
Starchbottom: I was under a lot of pressure, so I cleverly came up with something guaranteed to keep Queen Delightful busy the whole day.

(cuts back to Starchy and Queen Delightful in the Sky Bucket)
Delightful: Shoe inspection day?
Starchbottom: That day, once a year where you inspect all the villager's footwear.
Delightful: Ooooh... That sounds very important, we should get started right away. (As the Sky Bucket passes by a tower, Dopey is shown running up to the top of it)
Dopey: (looks at something from a view)
(cuts back to Starchy and Delightful)
Starchy: Psssst... Dopey!
(cuts back to Dopey, who is looking at his left and right, then cuts back to the Sky Bucket)
Starchy: Dopey!
(cuts back again to Dopey, who looks again to his left then tries to clean his left ear, then another cut back to the Sky Bucket)
Starchy: (shouts) Dopey! Dopey! Dopey, we're leaving the castle now!
Delightful: (hears Starchy's shouting) Huh?
Starchy: Oh, nothing, Your Majesty. (innocently grins, then looks back at the tower)
Dopey: (whistles)
Starchy: (gives a "thumbs-up" to Dopey, then breathes a sigh of relief)

(cuts to the castle's throne room)
Dopey: (whistles as he comes out of the hole, the others came out soon after, each with decorations for the party)
Dwarfs: Heigh ho!

(cuts to outside of the castle)
Grim: (as he puts on the invisibility hat) Time to find out how to throw a surprise party.

(cut to Grim opening the doors to the castle's throne room and sees The 7D already started with planning the party)
Doc: Alright everyone, line up. Dopey, you're in charge of decorations.
Dopey: (whistles)
Doc: Sneezy... (stops Sneezy from sneezing) Balloon animals.
Sneezy: I've got the wind for it.
Doc: Bashful... (gets interrupted by Sneezy's sneeze, Sneezy flies to the right and crashes) Find places for the guest to hide.
Bashful: (his hands covering his eyes) It's my specialty.
Doc: Happy... (Happy high-fours Doc) Prepare the music.
Happy: (takes out his guitar and strums some notes, Grim on the other hand is jotting down notes)
Doc: Sleepy, you'll keep an eye out for the guests.
Sleepy: Okay. (snores then starts sleep-walking)
Doc: And I'll bake the cake.
Grumpy: Hey, what about me?
Doc: You've got the most important task of all.
Grumpy: That figures.
Doc: You're the party clown.
Grumpy: Party clown?! Whoever heard of a party clown named Grumpy?
Doc: (laughs) That's what makes it so humorous.
Grim: (notices it) Ha. It is kind of funny.

(cut to the village where Queen Delightful is doing the shoe inspections)
Delightful: Uh-huh. Your laces look worn and in danger of breaking, other than that, I hereby approve of your footwear.
Villagers: Yip-yip-yooray!
Delightful: Well, back to the castle.
Starchbottom: (mumbles) But Your Majesty, you still have a whole village of shoes to inspect.
Delightful: Then I hereby declare all the shoes in the village of Jollywood approved.
Villagers: Yip-yip-yooray!
Delightful: Back to the castle.
Starchy: Your Majesty, no.
Delightful: Why?

(a thought bubble appears reminding Starchy about the surprise)
Doc: And you can't let her back to the castle 'til sundown.
Grumpy: Don't ruin it, ruin it, ruin it, ruin it...
(the thought bubble disappears)
Starchy: Because, (mumbles) there's still something else you need to do.

(cut to Starchy and Queen Delightful back in the Sky Bucket)
Delightful: (confused) Whistle-at-a-Chicken Day? Why do I have to whistle at chickens?
Starchy: Well, well, to encourage them to lay nice big eggs.
Delightful: Well then, guess I'd better pucker up. (whistles)

(cut to Hildy walking down a path, a snake slithers close to Hildy, screams then slithers off)
Hildy: Let's see now, who can I get to be my friend and invite to my party. Ooooh! There's someone. (she notices a lumberjack) Excuse me, yoo-hoo! Woodsman, would you like to be my friend?
Woodsman: (shouts) Witch! (screams as he charges the tree and runs off)
Hildy: Hmmmm...

(cuts to a family outside their home)
Hildy: Excuse me?
Family: (shouts) Witch! (screams then runs back to their home, then wheels appear from under the home and runs off like a car)

(cuts to Hildy walking near two fishermen)
Hildy: Pardon me?
Fishermen: (throws their fishing rods, shouts) Witch! (then jumps to the water and swims away, then four fishes appear)
Fishes: (shouts) Witch! (then jumps on the boat, then rows away)
Hildy: (pouts) Hmmmm...

(cuts to Hildy on a field)
Hildy: Anyway, I was wondering whether you want to be my friend, so you can come to my surprise party? (the cow mooed) So, I'll take that as a maybe?

(cuts back to Queen Delightful and Starchy at a farm. Delightful whistles as the farmer picks the eggs, Starchy joins in on the whistling, and Squire Peckington soon joined until it was finished)
Delightful: All done, back to the castle.
Starchy: But, no, but, you can't.
Delightful: Don't tell me we have something else to do?

(cuts again to Queen Delightful and Starchy back at the Sky Bucket)
Delightful: Read-a-Book-to-a-Bear Day? (gasps) That's my favorite day of the year! (she then speeds up the Sky Bucket) Weeeeeee!

(cuts back to the castle's throne room where it's now fully decorated)
Grim: (amazed) Woah.
Dopey: (whistles as he slides down and decorating a column with a ribbon and a bow)
Grim: Surprise party ribbons and bows. (Grim continues to observe)
Sneezy: (sneezes then makes a balloon animal, then lies down)
Grim: Balloon animals, excellent.
Happy: (whistles, the curtain is opened showing Grumpy in a party clown outfit, laughs) Doc was right. That is funny!
Grumpy: That's it! Forget it! I am not wearing this! (closes the curtain)
Happy: (giggles, then hears a ding, sniffs the air) Doc's cake? (Grumpy opens the curtain and steps out, back to his normal clothes) Maybe he'll let us lick the spoon. (Grumpy drops the box with the clown outfit)
Grumpy and Happy: (shouts at the same time) Cake!
Grim: (evil grin) Looks like I've got everything I need for Hildy's party. (takes out his wand, waves it) Party stuff, time to park, load yourself into my cart. (all the decorations start to fly out of the room and into the cauldron outside the castle)

(cut to the castle's kitchen where Doc is decorating the cake)
Happy: Doc, that's quite a cake. (puts a finger near the cake)
Doc: (a mechanical hand pops out from his hat and slaps Happy's hand away from the cake) No touchy!
Grim: (looking through the glass window of the door) This oughta take the cake. (waves his wand)
(as Doc was about to put a candle on the cake, the cake disappears)
Dwarfs (except Dopey): (gasps then shouts) Where's the cake?!

(the cake suddenly appears on the top of the cauldron, Grim then appeared on the carriage)
Grim: Ha-ha...

(cut to one of the castle's window, the 7D looks at the window)
Dopey: (whistles)
Dwarfs (except Sneezy and Dopey): (gasps)
(cut back to the carriage)
Grim: (removes his invisibility hat) Party on, little dudes. Buh-bye!
(cuts back to the window)
Bashful: Grim Gloom! Get back here with our party supplies, youuuuuuu!
(cuts back again to the carriage)
Grim: Speedly, Peaches! (Peaches runs off at a slow pace)
(cuts back again to the window)
Doc: To the tunnels!

(cuts back to the forest as Queen Delightful is reading a book to a bear)
Delightful: ...And so, the little bunny went to sleep, knowing that everything would be fine. (closes the book) The end. (the bear breathes a sigh of relief, then Queen Delightful hands the book back to the bear) Back to the castle.
Starchy: No, Your Majesty. (the bear growls) Not yet.
Delightful: Lord Starchbottom, I've inspected shoes, whistled at chickens and read a book to a bear. What's left for me to do?
Starchy: Just one more thing. I promise, you have to uhm... (mumbles) ...uhm.
Delightful: Yes?
Starchy: A-approve my dance for the festival next week.
Delightful: Approve my dance for the festival next week?
Starchy: That's what I said.
Delightful: Okay, let's get on with it. My word, he has this got a list of things never ending for me to do.

(cut to Starchy dancing for the Queen and the bear to stall some time, then cuts to Grim still making his way back with the party supplies)
Grim: Nice going, Peaches. We lost them. (squeals as a hole appears from the ground; The 7D comes out of the hole, halting Grim and Peaches)
Doc: Hee-yah. Gives us back our stuff.
Grim: How 'bout I give you this? (pulls out his wand)
Dwarfs (except Dopey): (gasps)
(Grim's about to cast a spell, when Bashful appears from his invisibility hat)
Bashful: Surprise! (Grim jumps out of the carriage and accidentally casts the spell on the party supplies)
Grim: (gets pounced by the balloon animals) No! (giggling) No licking!
Doc: Get the supplies! It's almost sundown. (the dwarfs grab the cauldron full of the party supplies) They'll be back any minute.
Dwarfs (except Dopey): Heigh ho!
(Dopey comes out of the hole, whistles and motions the balloon animals to follow him)
Grim: (still giggling as the balloon animals leave him) Uh-oh. Hildy's party.

(cut back to Queen Delightful and Starchy at a forest, Starchy's still dancing but already exhausted)
Delightful: It's been an hour, Lord Starchbottom. How much longer?
Starchy: (tired) Almost, Your Majesty. Here comes the big finish. (does a backflip but falls on the ground face first) Ta-dah!
Delightful: That ending needs a lot of work. Can we go back to the castle now?
Starchy: With pleasure.

(cut back to Queen Delightful and Starchy returning back to the castle)
Delightful: Home sweet home. What a day... (exits the Sky Bucket) I'm exhausted.
Starchy: Now you can relax, your Majesty. (approaches the door to the throne room) Your Majesty... Where'd you go? (opens the door to the throne room) Your Majesty, where are you? Your Majesty? Your Majesty?
(the lights turn on inside the room)
Dwarfs: (appears) Surprise! Happy Birthday!
Starchbottom: But, but... It's your birthday.
Delightful: No, silly-willy. The 7D told you that to get you out of the castle. It's your birthday!
Starchy: He-he. That's right! It is! I totally forgot. (looks at the villagers who was invited to the party) Wow! I, I can't believe you did this all for me. This is the happiest day of my life.
Doc: Where's your clown costume?
Grumpy: It must still be with that Gloom guy.

(cut to the Gloom's home)
Hildy: (opens the door to their home, and as she stepped inside, the lights turn on)
Grim: (shouts) Surprise! (cow moos)
Hildy: (gasps) Oooooh! It's wonderful! (hugs Grim) Thank you so much, Grim! You even have a little costume. (screams, pats the cow) And my friend came. This is the happiest day of my life! I love it! Where are my presents? (looks around)
Grim: (innocently grins, then the cow moos)
Hildy: (lightning appears outside the house, shouts) GRIMWOLD!

(cuts back to the castle as Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy perform "Happy Birthday Hi Ho")
(Song: Happy Birthday Hi Ho)
Happy Birthday, everybody shout "Heigh Ho!"
We gotta say it loud, 'cause we want the world to know.
That it's your birthday, Hey!
And we think you're jolly good,
Happy Birthday and Heigh Ho from Jollywood.
Heigh Ho!
(episode ends with Starchy in front of the camera smiling, with the 7D flanking him)

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