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"Take Your Pet to Lunch Day"
Season 2, Episode 5B*
S2e05b title card
Half hour production code: 205B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate February 27, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno
Written by Paul Dini
Storyboards by Kris W.
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Whose Voice is it Anyway?"
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"Take Your Pet to Lunch Day" is an episode that premiered on February 27, 2016 with "Whose Voice is it Anyway?" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the fifty-eightth episode in the series.


Sneezy takes his new pet, a fire-breathing Griffin named Sniffy, to the Queen's "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day."[3]


The episode opens when Queen Delightful describes about the best friends in Jollywood...pets! It's Take Your Pet to Lunch Day, and everyone shows off their pets during a musical number. However, Sneezy is allergic to many animals, and blown away the creatures from the cottage he came across. Disappointed by not being able to have a pet to take with him to the event, he took a walk in the woods, kicking a can. The can rolls into the bushes; the bushes rattled, and out flew a creature who returned the can to Sneezy. Sneezy at first tried to shoo it away, but the creature is friendly towards him, which eventually won Sneezy over. Sneezy later discovered that he's hypoallergenic (meaning that he doesn't sneeze around him), named him Sniffy, and decided to take him as a pet to show his friends.

The pet Sneezy brought home turned out to be, by Doc's observation, a rare, spineless, featherless, fire-breathing griffin! Sneezy teaches Sniffy to "speak", which the griffin actually breathed fire. Under Doc's suggestion, Sneezy goes out with Sniffy to train him. At the Glooms' manor, Peaches is disguised as a bunny in another plot hatched by Hildy to become queen—making an obedience potion to ruin Take Your Pet to Lunch Day. They wanted Peaches to be at the event to execute their plan, but she stood still. The Crystal Ball then told the Glooms the news of a griffin that was found by Sneezy, the perfect pet that they will kidnap.

Back at the forest, Grim is observing Sneezy teaching Sniffy how to breathe fire under the right command; a single dandelion wafting by his nose and sneezes, a wrong command. Sniffy then breathed fire; Grim got the full burst. He magically cleaned himself up and grew a chrysanthemum to provide cover to be closer to Sneezy. Sneezy noticed the huge flower and sneezed, while Sniffy once again breathed fire at Grim. Grim finally seized the opportunity to magically teleport him and Sniffy away. Sneezy, focused on saving Sniffy, grabbed several items and animals that make him Sneezy.

At the Glooms', as Sniffy struggled to break free from being chained by Grim as Hildy's powder making is nearing completion, Sneezy knocked down the door. He grabbed the items that make him sneeze, one by one, so Sniffy can breathe fire on his captors. The last brunt of the fire knocked Hildy towards her ingredient cabinet, where a few of the flasks containing potions spilled on her, turning her into a hideous monster as Sniffy escaped with Sneezy. At the castle, where the event was being held, everyone and their pets were there, and so does a disguised Grim, with an unrecognized Hildy. When Grim attempted to sprinkled some of the obedience powder, Sneezy caught a whiff of it and sneezed it towards the Glooms, while Sniffy once again breathed fire at them. Hildy caught the brunt of it, making her obedient to Grim and the two walked away. In the end everyone celebrated, and Sneezy appeared at the iris out, with Sniffy blowing fire towards the audience.

Featured Song

Running Gag

  • Whenever someone mentions "speak", Sniffy breathes out fire.


  • Although it has been revealed in "Sneezin' Season" that Sneezy is allergic to certain animals, this episode also reveals that Sneezy has several different allergies to even more animals, including clams.
  • In this episode, Sneezy is shown to have a pet, along with Doc (Smarty Pants), Happy (Harmony), and Bashful (Fearless). However, in other episodes, Sniffy and the others are absent. It is possible they hid Sniffy and the other the cottage most of the time, Sniffy and the others being returned in their habitat, or this episode took place after the rest of the episodes.
  • This is the second time a member of the 7D (Sneezy) defeated the Glooms without their friends' help, the first is "The Big Bash" (Bashful).
  • This is the first episode to have the words "take" and "your" in the title, the second being "Take Me To Your Grumpy" and the third being "Take Care of Your Elf!".
  • Censorship: When this episode aired in Southeast Asia, the word "heck" said by Sleepy (That's one heck of a pet) has been cut and has been shortened to "That's a pet" for an unknown reason.
    • The same thing happened to the music sequence of Take Your Pet to Lunch Day, when Happy sang the line "Might as well bring the whole darn zoo", the word "darn" was muted and shortened to "Might as well bring the whole zoo".
      • Curiously, they never applied the said thing when Grumpy said the word "heck" in "Buckets".

Cultural References


  • When Sleepy said "You keep hurting Mr. Hicklepip's feelings", his hat suddenly has a black line in one of the stripes.


International Premieres

  • April 9, 2016 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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