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Take Your Pet to Lunch Day (song)
Artist(s) Leigh-Allyn Baker, Paul Rugg, Scott Menville, Kevin Michael Richardson, Bill Farmer, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West, and Stephen Stanton
Composer(s) Paul M. Dini
Parry Gripp[1]
Length 1:31
Episode(s) "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day"
The 7D - Take Your Pet to Lunch Day (song)01:33

The 7D - Take Your Pet to Lunch Day (song)

"Take Your Pet to Lunch Day"[1] is a featured song in the episode of the same name. It's sung in celebration of Take Your Pet to Lunch Day, when citizens of Jollywood and their pets are invited to Queen Delightful's castle for lunch.


Spoken parts are in italics.

Queen Delightful: We joyce all you kitties and you cockatiels
Today is the day that we share our meals
With you who bark and burro and bray
It's Take Your Pet to Lunch Day

With hay and oats, cream and kibble
Yummy treats for our pets to nibble
Lord Starchbottom: And brooms to sweep their oopsies away
It's Take Your Pet to Lunch Day

Sneezy: I wish I had a pet,
But they make me sneeze
Their fur brings out my allergies
Happy: Aww.
Sneezy: Oh, it's okay. What pets are you fellas bringing?

Doc: Smarter than a dolphin or a dog,
Meet Smarty Pants, my pet hedgehog
Grumpy: My goat Gizelle, that's my decision
But I refuse to warble exposition
Happy: My seal Harmony's a one-man band
Give her a hand!
Bashful: And I'm bringing Fearless, that's my plan
If I can just get his hand outta the sand

Happy: Whoopty doopty, here's the thing
Which furry friend will Dopey bring?
Sneezy: A cockatoo?
Grumpy: The kangaroo?
Doc: The caribou?
Sneezy: The furry shrew?
Happy: Might as well bring the whole darn zoo.

Doc, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy: Come on, everybody, it's time to eat
Grab your pet and take a seat
Bring the slop and pass the hay
It's Take Your Pet to Lunch Day!
Happy: Oh what a day!
It's Take Your Pet to Lunch Day!



  • This song marks the first time each of the 7D sing their lines (except Dopey), Sleepy joined in the final chorus.

Song information

Publisher: Walt Disney Music Co.
ASCAP Work #890693520


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