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S1e13b Teensy Begins Growing Out of Control at Queen Delightful's Castle 13
Teensy, as he appeared in "Free Teensy"
Character Information
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Family Queen Delightful (former owner)

Teensy is a Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish that appeared in "Free Teensy". Queen Delightful won him as a prize at the carnival by throwing a ring at the top of his bowl.


As with all Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish, Teensy is colored gold-yellow and he has a blue colored ring around one of his eyes.


Teensy is sweet and gets along with Queen Delightful very well. He's also in love with another Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish that has a red ring around one of her eyes. Although they were separated at the carnival, the two reunited at the ocean after they grew rapidly in size.

In the show

In "Free Teensy", Grim surprises Hildy with a shape-shifting ring and takes her to a carnival, disguised as clowns. As Grim walks off to win some prizes, Hildy gets annoyed by a boy and tells him to go away, calling him a mouse, while she shakes the ring. That turned Hildy into a mouse, and she loses the ring. The ring finds its way into Grim at a prize booth offering pet fish; among them are Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish. Instead of using the large rings provided at the booth in order to throw it to the top of the bowl, Grim throws his wife's shape-shifting ring into Teensy's bowl, and he swallowed it. Teensy was later won by Delightful, and she takes him to his new home, leaving behind another Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish that he has a crush on.

At her castle, Delightful notices that Teensy is growing rapidly and had Lord Starchbottom to move him to the moat. With the shape-shifting ring still inside him, Teensy shape-shifts into various sea animals and back to himself, leaving him confused. The Glooms arrive at the castle grounds to retrieve Hildy's ring from Teensy. After many tries, they both ended up inside Teensy's body. Teensy continues to grow rapidly, prompting Delightful to enlist the 7D to move him to the sea.

Aboard the Hurdy Gurdy Whirly Birdy, the 7D transport Teensy to the sea. He continues to grown, bring down the weight of the craft, but still manages to get him to the sea in time. Teensy finally reunites with the fish he's in love with. Teensy then spits out the Glooms out of his body; Hildy finally got the ring back to change her back to a witch. But she then drops the ring again, this time it went into the ocean, and the 7D move to rescue them.


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