On Friday, July 22, 2016 the producers of The 7D held a panel with the staff of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero at the 2016 Comic-Con in San Diego.[1] The 7D executive producers Tom Ruegger and Mr. Warburton along with series co-composer Parry Gripp hosted the event along with Penn Zero co-creator Sam Levine and his staff members Kat Good and Adam Henry. Throughout the hour-long session, the panelists previewed clips and songs from both series; and Parry Gripp gave a surprise performance of the "7D Theme" on his ukulele.[2]

Video previews and clips

The 7D -Extended Intro SDCC 201600:59

The 7D -Extended Intro SDCC 2016

The 7D And Disney Legacy - SDCC 201601:45

The 7D And Disney Legacy - SDCC 2016

  • Two clips were created exclusively for Comic-Con that also appeared Disney XD's YouTube channel when the event concluded. One clip was the extended version of The 7D theme song, and the other is a tribute to the series with selected scenes that paid homage to Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which it was inspired from.
  • The audience was treated to an animatic from an upcoming episode that contained a new song by Hildy Gloom.[3][4]

Musical performances

The 7D Theme Song By Parry Gripp - SDCC 201601:02

The 7D Theme Song By Parry Gripp - SDCC 2016

The 7D producers mention the theme song and asked the audience if they know it in its entirety. A hand popped up, and Gripp emerges to the surprise of its audience (wearing a print Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses and a straw hat) and sings the theme song on his ukulele![3]


  • It was revealed that "Weird Al" Yankovic, a guest star in the episode "Shapeshifter", will also perform a song.[3]
  • Gripp also told a childhood story of his during his time at the Disneyland Hotel. He met a man who claimed to be Walt Disney and had signed an autograph for him. It wasn't until years later that Gripp found out that his father had set the whole thing up! The man wasn't Walt; instead he was someone who his father had paid to pretend to be him, and all in all he wanted to have his son a special moment. The antics of Gripp's father had influenced him during his time writing music for The 7D.[3]
  • After the panel, the staff also held an autograph session.


7d sdcc exclusive button pins

Exclusive to the SDCC are button pins featuring the series' main characters. These were handed out to the audience. Penn Zero button pins were also handed out.


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