The 7D's Home in Welcome to the Neighborhood

The 7D's cottage is a location from The 7D and is one of the series' main settings. It's the home of the seven dwarfs –- Happy, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Sleepy, and Grumpy. Underneath their home is their jewel mine. Their home first appeared in "Sneezin' Season".


The cottage is located not far from the Jollywood village and Queen Delightful's castle, facing north. It has the appearance of a clock tower, with windmill blades are attached to its chimney and a waterwheel next to a creek; there are also several rooms sticking out of it, each with its own roofs. The most common rooms being shown are the kitchen, dining room, and den. Upstairs is a large bedroom in which all of the 7D sleep, each with their own beds. The cottage is littered with many of Doc's inventions. There are a few trap doors around their house that serve as the entrance to their mine. Because most of the cottage is sized for the dwarfs, visitors of average human size (Lord Starchbottom, Queen Delightful, and even Hildy and Grim [disguised]) sometimes have to watch their heads.

In the show

The 7D's cottage serves as the location for several of their adventures. It is sometimes targeted by the Glooms to gain access to their mine in order to take over Jollywood by stealing some of its gems, along with other misdeeds.

  • "Sneezin' Season": The Glooms (with Bob) magically became hedges to be close to Grumpy so they can snip a part of his beard as an ingredient for a mind-control potion. As they are near the window at the cottage, Sneezy comes by and the gust of wind from his sneeze blow the Glooms and Bob away. In another attempt, the Glooms, again along with Bob, dressed themselves as hairdressers and went inside to seek for Grumpy. But they were again forced out by Sneezy's gigantic sneeze. (Bob was declared as the true cause for Sneezy's severe allergy.)
  • "Welcome to the Neighborhood": In order to obtain the Rock of Sages from the mine, the Glooms transform themselves as dwarfs and magically placed a home next to the 7D's. They become their neighbors and are invited to dinner by Happy. After they finally went into the mine the Glooms reveal themselves, but are warded off by the 7D. The Glooms then spotted the Rock of Sages, but are chased out of the mine by a dragon.
  • "Starchy Takes a Break": Starchbottom suffers a leg injury by slipping on the palace floor that was polished by the 7D. They accepted the queen's kind offer of giving him much needed time off at their cottage while Grumpy temporarily takes over as her assistant (despite Starchy's protests). However, Doc's special bed for nursing Starchy's injured leg went haywire, making Starchy yearning to return to the castle.
  • "Gnome Alone": The disguised Glooms gave the 7D a vacation to a seaside resort so they can go to the mine for the Royal Ruby. But Sleepy is left behind, still sleeping in his bed. After numerous failed attempts, the Glooms followed Sleepy into the mine. When Sleepy is finally aware of the Glooms' presence, the fight for the ruby goes all the way to the castle, and Sleepy defeated them by taking the ruby and Grim's wand.
  • "Goldilocks and the 7D": The 7D's cottage gets an unexpected visitor -- Goldilocks. Despite her cuteness, her rude presence makes it a living nightmare for the dwarfs.
  • "The 8th D": Dopey's love of animals made him keep many of them around the cottage, which upsets the rest of the 7D. Despite being told not to bring anymore home, Dopey rescues a baby elephant and brought him over. He successfully have the elephant disguised as another dwarf. Later the 7D realizes it's an elephant all along and Dopey was reminded that wild animals belong in the wild, so they have to return it to its family. The Glooms wanted the elephant and try to steal it, but are chased away by the elephant's family.
  • "Grim the Genius": Grim tries to win Hildy back after many of his failures by becoming smart. He went to the 7D's cottage posing as "Toasty", a local baker, and Doc gives him the Smarty Stone from his drawer set. The dwarfs ultimately realize it's really Grim after they found out he drove Delightful out of the castle.
  • "Big Bad Sneezy": It's allergy season and Sneezy once again blow powerful gusts of wind that damage many buildings around the village. He then knocks down the 7D's cottage with another sneeze. He's so guilt ridden about causing so much destruction that he decides to leave everyone behind, and eventually finds a new job with the Big Bad Wolf.


"Sneezin' Season"

"Mirror, Mirror"

"Welcome to the Neighborhood"

"Gnome Alone"

"Goldilocks and the 7D"

"Let's Get Organ-ized"

"The 8th D"

"Bathtub Bashful"

"Grim the Dragon"


"Big Bad Sneezy"

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