There are some questions below which you might be wondering about. Go find them and you can do anything on the 7D Wiki more easily. If there aren't any questions you're looking for, you can leave your question in the "Comments" and you'll be answered as soon as possible

1. Who has the permission to edit pages on the Wiki?

Answer: Everyone that has a valid Wikia account can edit and contribute.

2. How can I upload a photo to the Wiki?

Answer: Go here. Alternatively, you can see the Photos box on the right side of the webpage and click on the "Add a Photo" box.

3. How can I create a new page/article on the Wiki?

Answer: Go to the main page/home page of the 7D Wiki and you'll see the "Helping Out" box. Enter the name of the new page you're going to create on the box and click "Create new article".

4. How can I earn badges and how can I see what other badges can be earned left?

Answer: Earning badges is easy: all you have to do is to contribute to the Wiki every day like editing or creating pages, uploading photos,... etc... and once you reach your badges' goals, they'll be yours and your Achievement points will be added (based on the type of the badges). Go to your personal profile and you'll see there is your "More badges you can earn!" box and see what can you do to get even more badges, to rank higher on the Leaderboard.

5. What should I do if I see someone who's spamming, advertising with external links or doing something illegally/against Wiki's policy?

Answer: If you find them annoying or disturbing, you should report that user(s) to one of our admins by messaging them. As long as they get your report, they'll consider and block the user who is reported, if your report is true. Current admins of this Wiki are Candy Randy, Criminalcasefan321 and Mika1009. Do note that false reporting may lead to you getting blocked temporarily.

6. What should I do to be promoted into rollbacker/discussion moderator/content moderator/administrator/bureaucrat?

Answer: Click here for more information.

7. When will the featured article/featured episode/featured images change?

Answer: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

8. How can I get those cool tags beside my username?


  • Assistant of Jollywood: Become a Rollbacker.
  • Advisor of Jollywood: Become an Administrator or a Content Moderator.

Please contact Criminalcasefan321 if you are eligible for the tags and you want it. Please allow a minimum of 3 hours for a response to your request.

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