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"Rules and Regulations"
This is the Rules and Regulations page. Please read and follow the rules. Thank you.
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The following is a list of Rules & Policies applied on The 7D Wiki, that explain and describe standards that all users should normally follow, in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere on the wiki. Violation of these can lead to administrative action. If you are unsure and you have any questions regarding any rule or policy, then please contact a member of the staff.


  • All users are expected to assume good faith.
  • All users are required to adhere to our guidelines.
  • No plagiarism from any sources. This includes foreign websites, photos, and videos.
  • Do not cheat for badges. Indication includes repetitive and alternating edits.
  • Usernames which are used for impersonation or are deliberately offensive will not be tolerated.
  • Users are not allowed to commit sockpuppetry or meatpuppetry.
  • Block evasion is strictly prohibited. Users may be reported to Wikia if they persist.
  • Articles must be created and written in English at all times.
    • However, profile pages and messages may be in other languages.
  • Wikilawyering is forbidden.
  • Conflicts of interest will not be tolerated.
  • The 7D Wiki is a public domain and no editor owns anything.
  • All users are to be treated equally regardless of race, nation, political views, religion, and the city/country they originate from.


  • All users must be at least 13 years of age.
  • All users must have a valid Wikia account to edit.
  • All users must adhere to Wikia's Terms of Use.


  • Only information about The 7D by Disney is allowed in articles.
  • Do not commit vandalism to any page on the wiki.
  • Do not insert wrong, absurd, or unnecessary information into articles.
  • Do not insert false rumors or unconfirmed information into articles.
  • Do not create a pointless or absurd page.
  • Edit wars are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not misuse the summary box.
  • Do not insert any NSFW and/or explicit material.
  • Do not edit someone else's user page.
    • If you wish to edit it, receive permission from the user beforehand (unless it is for the purpose of maintenance).
  • No fan fictional material in any articles. If you wish to create a fan fiction, write it in blog posts and it should be suitable for readers.


  • No spamming.
  • Never disrespect, insult, or abuse any user of this wiki.
  • No name-calling.
  • Do not threaten or blackmail other users.
  • Do not troll or harass other users.
  • Do not taunt or provoke other users.
  • No sexually suggestive insults or remarks.
  • No flaming of any kind.
  • Do not wantonly type your comment in all capitals.
  • Do not gossip about other users.
  • Do not pick a fight.
  • Asking for a user's personal information should normally be avoided.


  • Do not create absurd/irrelevant blog posts.
  • Do not start absurd/irrelevant threads in the forum.
  • Avoid posting forum threads in wrong categories.
  • Do not remove a warning thread from your Message Wall.
  • Do not remove a thread from another user's Message Wall without notice.
    • If you wish to remove it, check the "Notify an Admin" box.
  • For your own safety, avoid posting information regarding your personal information.
    • This does not apply to profile pages.
  • Do not post NSFW and/or explicit material.
  • Please appropriately place the discussion in the boards, like do not put News and Announcements in the Questions and Answers board. Boards are used to categorize certain discussions. We don't want our users getting confused.
  • Non-7D images should only be posted in your user profile and blog posts.


  • Do not insult other users.
  • Do not disrespect other users.
  • Do not taunt or provoke other users.
  • Do not threaten or blackmail other users.
  • Do not ask for or give out personal information, unless the second party agrees.
  • The use of profanity is not encouraged. This is in order to maintain a friendly environment in the chatroom at all times.
  • Do not date (unless you do it privately and with mutual consent).
  • Do not speak of sexually-suggestive topics.
  • Do not wantonly type in all capitals.
  • Do not spam.

Important Rules

This is a list of all important rules, however, rules stated above must also be followed. Breaking these rules will lead to at least a lengthened restriction (see below). Please note that some of the rules below might already be listed above.

  • No personal attacks, threats, or name-calling directed at other people.
  • Be courteous. Avoid topics that make others uncomfortable (e.g., religion, politics). If you do discuss these topics, please do so in a polite, respectful manner.
  • No swearing.
  • Do not post images with adult language or offensive content. Because images appear in our new files gallery, it's important to keep them clean. Further, offensive images are often used for spamming, trolling, or vandalism, so they will not be tolerated.
  • Hate speech and ethnic slurs are never acceptable. Use of such words may be erased anywhere they appear on the wiki.
  • Allusions are acceptable. Words such as darn or crap are acceptable.
  • Think everyone is 13. People the age of thirteen are the youngest users that should be on our wiki, so when writing something think that 13 year olds will read it.
  • No spamming, which can be defined as excessive posting of the same message multiple times, or posting numerous messages of gibberish with no legitimate meaning.
  • No trolling, where "trolling" is defined as performing actions for the purpose of provoking angry or negative reactions from other people.
  • Do not impersonate other users.
  • Do not spread false information about other users.
  • Do not support or encourage vandalism, on this or any other wiki.
  • Create a profile, or edit before coming on chat. If you go on chat with 0 edits, you will be kindly asked to create a profile.
  • If you are caught under the age of 13, you will be blocked. To stay safe, if you are under 13, wait until you are 13 years old before coming on the wiki. If you admit being underage on the wiki, you will be reported and your account(s) will be disabled by Wikia staff. This is not our rule. This is COPPA, a US law, and since Wikia is a United States company, all users must be 13 before creating an account. This is to prevent Wikia from gathering personal information from underage kids, which would be in violation of COPPA.
  • No advertisements. Advertising other wikis is prohibited.
  • Ignoring a bureaucrat despite being active.
  • If an admin tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
  • Do not request for administrator rights if you are not eligible.
  • Do not post links to pirated versions of full episodes, or upload them to this wiki. Doing so is against the law and hurts the show's viewership - once you post a link, a user will have instant illegal access to said episode.


If a user breaks a rule, he/she may be subject to administrative action, as described below:

  • Reminder – Users are reminded that they should reread the rules.
  • Warning – Users are warned about the rule(s) they have broken (further infringements may lead to blocks).
  • Temporary Restriction – Users are slapped with a restriction form, which will disallow them to perform actions that are stated on the form ranging from 2 to 48 hours.
  • Time Out – Users are barred from the wiki for a very short period of time, usually from 2 to 7 days. This is to ensure users know the consequences of breaking the rules.
  • Lengthened Restriction - Users are barred from the wiki for a longer period of time, usually from 8 to 30 days. This is to enforce the code of conduct of this wiki.
  • Temporary Block – Users are barred from the wiki for at least one month. This is to ensure users have time to reflect towards their mistakes.
  • Hearing Required – Users are barred from the wiki but are required to report to their Message Wall at the Community Central for an explanation of the rules they have broken on this wiki. This is to determine whether or not a permanent or a global block is required.
  • Permanent Block – Users are barred from the wiki permanently, as a result of which they will not be able to return to the wiki any longer. A hearing is usually required before this can be put into effect.
  • Global Block – Users are barred from the whole of Wikia. Only Wikia staff members are able to perform this action. The local staff reserves the right to report users to Wikia whenever they see fit for this to happen.


Immunity from site bans/blocks, or simply immuniban, is a feature which prevents users from getting banned from the wiki for a certain period of time. Ban immunity is given only to those who were administratively banned/blocked by mistake.


To ensure that the wiki is compliant will all local laws, international treaties, and Wikia's Terms of Use, disciplinary action is invoked on those who break the rules, particularly in the power of banning those rule breakers. Disciplinary action is not pleasant, but necessary to ensure a friendly environment. However, administrators are humans and may ban people either by mistake or by accident sometimes.

To ensure that people are treated with equal justice on the wiki, ban immunity will be given after the wiki's staff finds the victim of a wrongful ban innocent through a thorough review of the user's contribution list. This feature was actually implemented to catch administrative mistakes and errors, and if necessary, invoke a remedy to help the wrongfully-banned person enjoy the wiki on an "as usual" basis.


Only a bureaucrat is allowed to issue ban immunity. Immunibans are normally issued through apology messages to the victim of either a wrongful ban or an administrative mistake. Users who are issued immunibans will have this information noted at the top of their profile pages. Immuniban periods are twice the amount of their block time, but unlike bans, ban immunity is not time-sensitive and does not expire through passing time. Instead, ban immunity stays there for good behavior.

If a certain user who holds ban immunity is about to be banned because of breaking rules, their ban immunity period will be deducted accordingly to the stated block time. If their block time is higher than their ban immunity time, their ban immunity will be gone while they get blocked at a reduced time. Immunibans cannot – and will not – prevent you from being banned for infinity.


  • The staff of this wiki is liable to ensure that this feature is used properly, and may choose to update and/or amend it without notice at anytime. Furthermore, the maximum amount of immuniban time the victim can accumulate is 1 year or 12 months.


  • Use of this wiki is governed by these rules as outlined herein and by the Wikia Terms of Use as of its latest revision. The staff of the wiki reserves the right to change rules of use at any time without notice.

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