The Big Bash's bull
S1e04b Bashful Fails to Save Queen Delightful and The Glooms Head Out 6
The Big Bash's Bull, as he appeared in "The Big Bash"
Character Information
Occupation Causing Havoc/Helping Bashful
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Enemies The Glooms/Anyone in his path

The Big Bash's bull is a bull that appears in the episode "The Big Bash".


The bull is looks mostly like your typical bull. He has big body with an arched back, two big horns, red eyes, and blue-gray fur.


Also like your typical bull, he's strong, wild, and very unstable. Like the rest of his kind, he bursts with fury at the sight of red and will go barreling into anything of that color without hesitation. This unfortunately (and predictably) can lead to massive amounts of property damage and put people in danger.

However, in "The Big Bash", he's shown to have a nice side. After Bashful loses part of his hat with the dwarf hanging on for dear life, he starts to warm up to Bashful and help him on his justice enforcing cause once the dwarf becomes "The Big Bash". He even allows Bashful to hug him goodbye at the end of the episode. Although he quickly goes back to his old antics as he chases Grumpy around who picked a bad time to recover his red jumpsuit.

In the Show

In the episode, "The Big Bash", Bashful's distracting romance for Queen Delightful causes him to mess the Sky Bucket machine and he inadvertently smashes a farm fence. Among the animals that come storming out, freed is the Bull, who quickly zeros in on the red banners hung on the stage. This causes him to smash into the festival stage, causing mass panic. Bashful tries to get Queen Delightful to safety, but fails gloriously.

Later, Bashful is seen, hiding himself in shame in a red jumpsuit on the 7D's clothing line. After his friends fail to cheer him up, the bull returns and sees the jumpsuit. He then charges straight for Bashful, leading to the dwarf being stuck on his back with the jumpsuit becoming a makeshift cape and Bashful losing the top of his hat. However, just when it seems things can't get worse for Bashful, the bull helps him perform a variety of heroic feats around Jollywood from saving a baby from plummeting into a fountain, to helping a school boy solve a complicated problem. Along the way, bull starts to accept him as partner, allowing Bashful to become the Big Bash. He then helps Bashful redeem himself by coming bringing him to Queen Delightful's rescue. He send the Glooms flying with a headbutt, and helps Bashful catch the Queen before she falls off the Golden Sky Bucket. Becoming huge heroes, bull and Bashful take off. Back at the 7D's place, Bashful recovers and fixes his hat, removes the cape, and returns to being plain old Bashful. He then hugs the bull goodbye, thanking him for helping save both Queen Delightful and his self-esteem, and bull storms off. Later, he's seen in the episode's closing, chasing around poor old Grumpy who was just trying to get his jumpsuit back.


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