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The Dopey Song
Artist(s) Parry Gripp; Dee Bradley Baker
Composer(s) Parry Gripp
Length 0:55
Episode(s) N/A
The 7D Dopey Song Official Disney Channel UK01:08

The 7D Dopey Song Official Disney Channel UK

"The Dopey Song"[1] is a song written and performed by Parry Gripp, with Dee Bradley Baker as Dopey providing the whistles. The song accompanies a music video produced by The 7D staff; the song itself does not appear in the series. Disney Channel in the U.K. and Ireland later released it on its YouTube channel.

It is also a leitmotif for Dopey heard throughout the series when there are scenes focused on him.


4, 3, 2, 1
Dopey's here, let's have some fun!

Dopey, Dopey
He's laughy and he's jokey
His wacky style will make you smile
'Cause that's our Dopey

Dopey, Dopey
He ought to win a trophy
His funny face should get first place
So hooray for Dopey



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