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(Scene starts out as Grumpy and Dopey riding a mine cart full of gems, making their way to the town proper)
Grumpy: (gets irritated by the squeaking noise) Quit your squeaking, Dopey!
Dopey: (whistles and points at something)
Grumpy: It's not my shoes.
(Dopey pulls the brake lever which causes Grumpy to fly out of the cart and land and makes the squeaky noise)
Grumpy: It is my shoes.
Dopey: (nods in agreement)
Grumpy: (taps his shoes, but it still makes the noise) Ah! I gotta get Cobby to fix 'em. (Dopey nods again)

(Cut to Grumpy and Dopey walking to another side of the town, but sees a long line. Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy are also in the same line.)
Grumpy: What's all the hubbub, Happy?
Happy: (giggles) We're all getting free running shoes they're giving away at this new store.
Grumpy: Pa-hooey! (Grumpy then walks out of the line and heads inside to Cobby's shop)
Grumpy: I need you to fix these shoes you sold me, Cobby.
Cobby: Really? What's wrong with 'em?
Grumpy: Well, listen. (taps his shoes again, making the squeaky noises)
Cobby: I kinda like it.
Grumpy: Well, I don't.
Cobby: Maybe I could interest you in a new pair of shoes, eh? (shows them to Grumpy)
Grumpy: I dunno, sorta pointy.
Cobby: That's so if you're hands are full, you can still point at stuff, see?
Grumpy: Nah. You gotta fix these shoes, or I'm gonna take my business next door.
Cobby: Oh no, no! You're my best customer... Currently, you're my only customer. (smiles)

(Cut to Cobby oiling up Grumpy's shoes)
Cobby: That should do it.
Grumpy: Hmmmm... (tests out the shoes by tapping, the squeaky noise is gone) Ah! Thanks, Cobby.
(Cobby and Grumpy hears a commotion and sees the villagers running with their new pair of shoes, including the other dwarfs)
Doc: It's like my feet are moving on their own.
Happy: Hoooo-weeee! These shoes make you run fast!
Grumpy: Happy, shoes don't make you run fast. Your feet do.
Sleepy: (sleep-runs)
Sneezy: For once I can run faster than my nose. (sneezes)
Bashful: (runs while hiding in a barrel) Hi, Grumpy! Bye, Grumpy!
Dopey: (whistles as he steps out of the shoe store, then runs around the place)
Delightful: (off-screen) Oh, I just love my new running shoes (Grumpy and Cobby takes a look at the new running shoe store) (on-screen) Oh, and look who else loves them. Yes, he does.
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip.
Delightful: (stands up and starts running) Race you back to the Castle, Lord Starchbottom! (she then runs fast which caused Grumpy and Cobby to spin fast)
Starchbottom: Not fair! You got a head start! (he then runs fast also which made Cobby and Grumpy spin again)
Delightful: (off-screen) Whoever wins gets a pickle!
Sir Yipsalot: (overhears Delightful's reward, he yips and then runs out of the shop, making Grumpy and Cobby spin again for the third time)
Grim: Aha, our last two customers.
Hildy: And our last two pairs of shoes.
Grim: Try 'em on, fellas.
Cobby: You mean you want us to take off our shoes?
Grumpy: Ah, you don't want us to do that.
Hildy: Oh yes, we do.
Grumpy: All right, we warned ya.
(Cobby and Grumpy shows their feet, which are totally smelly)
Cobby: We got stinky feet.
(The Glooms gag and cough, then Hildy pushes Cobby and Grumpy out)
Hildy: Put them on outside.
Grumpy: Hey, maybe these shoes do make you run fast. Huh, make you run far, too. (then he points at the mountains where the rest of the dwarfs, Queen Delightful, Starchy and Sir Yipsalot are running over)
Starchy: But by the way, your Majesty, where are we going?
Delightful: No idea, but I'm winning. Whoo! (the gang keeps running)
Grumpy: Cobby, I think we're the only ones left in town.
(Suddenly Grumpy and Cobby hears the Glooms laugh)
Cobby: Well, not the only ones.
Hildy: (offscreen) Jollywood is ours, Grim!
Grumpy: Grim? (then he and Cobby looks inside the store, through the window, as they see the Glooms turning themselves back to normal)
Grumpy and Cobby: (gasps) It's the Glooms!
(Grumpy pulls Cobby down to avoid being seen)
Grim: Best shoe spell ever!
Hildy: Those magic shoes made everyone run away. And they'll never stop running! (Grumpy and Cobby gasps again) Are you sure every single last Jollywoodian got a pair?
Grim: Yes, I'm all the way sure.
Hildy: So the town is ours, the castle is ours, everything is ours!
Grim: What do we do now?

(Cut to the Glooms in Queen Delightful's castle)
Hildy: We begin our rule.
Grim: Uh, but, Hildy, there's nobody left around here to rule.
Hildy: Grim, there will be soon... (grabs the Crystal Ball) Crystal, send out the goblins invitations.
Crystal Ball: Thank you! Thank you! I'm having a ball here tonight! In fact, I am a ball!
Hildy: Crystal.
Crystal Ball: Right...

(Cut to where the goblins are living and hearing Crystal Ball announces about Hildy's party at the castle tonight)
Crystal Ball: Hey, goblins, what's short, has two pointy ears and is very lucky? You guys!
Goblins: Gob, gob?
Crystal Ball: That's right, goblins. You're invited to Queen Hildy's big party tonight to honor her royal self.
Goblins: Gob!

(Cut to another place)
Crystal Ball: It's your chance to celebrate Queen Hildy and tell her how pretty she is.
Goblins: Gob.
(Cut to another place)
Crystal Ball: Hey, speaking of pretty: Hey, how about these jokes? Pretty good, huh? Thank you. Thank you. Oh, and you have to bring presents. Queen Hildy loves presents.
Hildy: (offscreen) I want loads of presents!
Goblins: Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob! (the goblins start heading for the Castle with presents)

(Cut to the Castle)
Grim: So, why the goblins Hildy-wildy? You don't even like them. They're ucky and all they eat is fish sticks.
Hildy: Because the party tonight is just the way to get them here, Grim. Tomorrow, we'll put them all to work, digging up jewels in the mine.
Grim: Ooooh! Excee! Nose kiss?
Glooms: (does a nose kiss) Nosey, nosey, nosey! (laughs)
(The scene then focuses on Grumpy and Cobby spying from one of the Castle's windows)
Cobby: Magic shoes... Goblins... Oooh, the Glooms have gone too far this time.
Grumpy: They ran my pals out of town and think they can get away with it? I don't think so...
Cobby: So, what do we do, Grumpy?
Grumpy: First, we gotta figure out a way to break the spell on those shoes. Here's my idea, Cobby... (whispers his idea to Cobby) And... (continues whispering)
Cobby: Ha-ha!

(Cut to the other dwarfs, Queen Delightful, Starchy and Sir Yipsalot still running)
Delightful: (does a tizzie while running) I'm still winning. (continues her tizzie)
Dopey: (whistles)
Doc: Nobody can stop running, Dopey.
Bashful: I think there's some kind of spell on these shoes.
Doc: Hickory-dickory me!

(Cut to the goblins walking around the town, Cobby and Grumpy are back in the shoe store, Cobby is doing something when a knock was heard)
Grumpy: Goblins! (picks up the pointy shoes) You keep working on those shoes, and I'll take care of those goblins.

(Cut to Grumpy with Gizelle knitting)
Grumpy: Back in dwarf school, I had to take a foreign language, so I took Goblin, which I aced, by the way. And I knew exactly what to say to those goblins to get rid of them.

(Cut back to the shoe shop, the door opens as a couple of goblins charge right in)
Goblins: Gob! (blinks as they see Grumpy wearing the pointy shoes on his ears)
Grumpy: Gob.
Goblins: Gob?
Grumpy: Gob gob, gob gob gob gob.
Goblins: Gob!
Grumpy: Gob gob gob, gob gob gob gob gob.
Goblins: Gob! (then leaves the shop)

(Cut back to Grumpy and Gizelle)
Grumpy: I told them in Goblin: "Free fish sticks up at the Castle". Goblins love fish sticks.

(Cut to Cobby showing the shoes he made to Grumpy)
Cobby: What do you think?
Grumpy: They're loud, tacky, flashy, chintzy, and garish.
Cobby: (sighs)
Grumpy: Perfect for the Glooms. You've done it, Cobby.
Cobby: Ha-ha! (Grumpy then puts a pair of pointy shoes on his ears) Here now. What's this?
Grumpy: Your goblin disguise.
Cobby: What for?
Grumpy: So we can get into the Castle.
Cobby: I can't pass as a goblin.
Grumpy: Sure you can. You just gotta act goblin.
Cobby: But I don't know how.
Grumpy: Say 'gob'.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: No. Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob!

(Cut back to Grumpy and Gizelle)
Grumpy: It was horrible. All he had to say was 'gob', but he kept saying 'gob'. So, I told him to keep quiet no matter what. I'll do the talking.

(cuts back to the castle)
Goblins:(offscreen) Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob. Gob.
(Cobby gulps and Hildy yawns)
Hildy: What is it, Grim?
Grim: It's goblins bearing special gifts, Your Royal Harshness.
Grumpy:(bows down) Gob.
Hildy: Ooh, prezzies!
(Both Glooms take the boxes and open them. they giggle then gasp)
Hildy: Classy! Goblins with good taste? Who knew?
Grim: Let's try 'em on!

(Cobby and Grumpy look at each other and grin. The Glooms start running)
Hildy: Uh-oh!
Grim: Hey, these shoes are just like your magic shoes, Hildy.
Hildy: They are my magic shoes, Grim!
Grim: Slow down, shoes!

(cuts to Doc running)
Sleepy: Doc, I'm getting tired. How do we stop running?
Doc: I don't know, but we better think of something fast!
(The 7D, Starchy and Queen Delightful scream, then it cuts to the Glooms screaming)
Hildy: Oh, hello, party is about to start, but we have to run out for ice. We'll be right back. Don't anybody take over the kingdom. (Hildy grabs onto a pole) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is a disaster, Grim. We're gonna lose everything unless we call off the shoe spell now!
Grumpy: It's working, Cobby.
Hildy: Footsie-wootsie-tootsie-toots, break the spell on the running shoes!

(cut to the The 7D still screaming, Delightful is doing a tizzy)
Doc: Wait. Something's happening! (everyone slows down and breaks. Everyone is panting)
Queen Delightful: Did I win? (everyone faints)

(cuts to a number of villagers near woods, all are panting then fall down)
Grim: Hey, how'd those two goblins get our magic shoes?
Hildy: We'll show 'em, Grim. And after I open my prezzies we'll put those grubby goblins to work.

(Grumpy and Cobby run away to get the others. Cut to the front of Cobby's shoe store)
Starchy: All right, Grumpy, we're here. What happened?
Grumpy: So those two new cobblers were the Glooms in disguise.
Queen Delightful: (gasps) I'll never shop there again.
Grumpy: But we beat 'em at their own game.
Happy: You put the shoe on the other foot.
Cobby: That was Grumpy's plan.
Happy: Wouldn't want to be in their shoes.
Grumpy: You got one more, don't you?
Happy: If the shoe fits, wear it.
Grumpy: Okay, are you done?
Happy: (Strums guitar) Shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe. Shoe-bi-di-bi-shoe. Bi-di-bi-shoe, shoe-bi-di-bi-shoe.
Grumpy: We've got to get the Glooms out of the castle and get rid of all those goblins, and I know how to do it.
Happy: (walks in front of Grumpy) Shoe-bi, shoe-bi,shoe-bi, shoe-bi, shoe, shoe, shoe!

(Cuts to the castle, there is chatter filling the room. Grim walks in, shortly followed by Hildy.)
Hildy: Hello, my fiendish friends, we are gathered here tonight to celebrate me, your beloved Queen Hildy.(goblins cheering) Are these prezzies for me?
Goblins: Gob.
Hildy: Oh, I can't wait to open them! (opens present) Eww! Fish sticks.
Goblins: Gob, gob, gob!
Hildy: Ooh, pretty wrapping paper hiding pretty... fish sticks? Fish sticks, fish sticks, fish sticks!
Grumpy: Gob, gob, gob. Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob. Gob.
Goblin: Gob?
Grumpy: Gob.
Hildy: Nothing but fish sticks! I hate fish sticks!
Grim: Oh, you ought to try 'em with a little tartar sauce, Hildy. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Yummy.
Hildy: I am going to ban fish sticks!
Grumpy: Gob, gob.
Goblins: Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob!
Hildy: The goblins don't seem happy, Grim.
Grim: Well, you probably shouldn't have banned those fish sticks.
Goblins: Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob, gob!
Hildy: (she and Grim take out their wands) Stand back or—or I'll... (a goblin takes their wands and breaks them. The Glooms whimper) Run! (they scream and run away, being chased by goblins)

(cuts to the castle)
Happy: What did you say to those goblins, Grumpy?
Grumpy: I told them the truth, that the Glooms were gonna put them to work in the mine and ban fish sticks.
All: Yip yip yooray!

(cut to Cobby's shoe store where they are selling goblin ear muffs)
Cobby: Whoo-hoo! Business is booming, Grumpy! Our new goblin ear muffs are all the rage!
Grumpy: Even the goblins love 'em, Cobby.
Goblin: (puts on goblin ear muffs) Gob.
Grumpy: Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: No. Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob. Cobby, it's gob, not gob.
Cobby: Gob.
Grumpy: Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob.
Cobby: Gob, gob, gob, gob, gob.
Grumpy: No! Gob!
Cobby: (yells) Gob!
Grumpy: That's it! Now you've got it!

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