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"The Family Pickles"
Season 2, Episode 9A*
S2e09a title card
Half hour production code: 209A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate May 7, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno
Written by Paul Rugg and Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Kris W.
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Which Witch is Which?"
Suceeded by →
"Chicken Soup for the Troll"

"The Family Pickles" is an episode that premiered on May 7, 2016 with "Chicken Soup for the Troll" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the sixty-fifth episode in the series.


When a pickle shortage plagues Jollywood, The 7D travel to a pickle farm to help save the day.[3]


The episode opens with Sir Yipsalot howling in despair over the news that there's a shortage of pickles, his favorite snack. Queen Delightful received a note from the pickle farm that the Gerkin Family Pickle Peckler—machinery that produces the snack—exploded. Lord Starchbottom hears this and he then tries to stall the 7D from going over to the farm to fix the problem and tells them he'll do it himself, leaving them curious. As Starchbottom races to the farm in a high speed, Delightful encourages the 7D to follow him anyway.

Starchbottom arrives at the Gerkin Family Pickle Farm to find the barn that housed the peckler destroyed. Shortly after the 7D went into the farm and find a man who looks exactly like Starchy with a banjo made out of a toilet seat. The dwarfs at first think he's Starchy, but he explains that his name is Kep Gerkin and points to his sister Sissy and her infant son Butterbean. The 7D is having a difficult time believing this; Starchbottom reappears and is surprised to see the dwarfs and the farmers. Then, Kep calls Starchbottom Dillard and welcomes him home, followed by Sissy, and she calls out her mother and father and the grandmother come out to greet Starchbottom. With the 7D still confused, Kep then says that Starchbottom is his twin brother. Yep, Lord Starchbottom is actually Dillard Gerkin and the Gerkins are his family!

Grandma Gerkins explains that Starchbottom is actually a nickname given to him because his mother used to put a lot of starch in his pants. Starchy then confesses that he's actually not loyalty and he made it up when he applied to be Delightful's assistant so he can leave his family, who embarrasses him constantly. Kep tells Starchy that the family peckler exploded because when he operated it he neglected to watch the pressure valve as he tended to his rooster, Mr. Bristles. With the machinery destroyed, the Gerkins can't produce any more pickles and have to move in to Jollywood, much to the chagrin of Starchy. Instead, Starchy determines that he will fix the situation.

The good news is that the blast left an steam imprint on debris from the peckler, so Doc is able to design and construct a replica. After the new machine is built and more cucumbers pecked, the Gerkins are able to produce pickles again. A test run then occurred, and then Sir Yipsalot and Queen Delightful arrive at the farm (they got there by playing a game of "fetch the pickle" together). Sir Yipsalot gave the pickle a test taste and spits it out, howling again because the pickle doesn't have the flavor he craved. Starcbottom then realizes the pickle doesn't use the famous Gerkin family pickle powder, but he doesn't know where he could find it. Ma Gerkin calms him down and points to his pocket watch, and inside is the pickle powder. Ma had put it there inside his watch because she doesn't want him to forget about home when he's away in Jollywood, and mother and son embraced.

With Doc able to produce more of the pickle powder, another production run commenced. Sir Yipsalot gives another taste and fell in love with it! Queen Delightful and Sir Yipsalot celebrate the moment by throwing a pickle party at the farm. Starchbottom fears that Delightful would fire him by lying to her about being from royalty, but she can't because not only she never thought of it she always liked him because of his devotion to her. She also told him that he has a good family and invited the Gerkins to stay at the castle for a month. The news doesn't go well with Starchy as Happy finishes the song along with the other dwarfs, and Mr. Bristles barks at the end of the episode.

Featured Song

Running Gag

  • Someone in Starchy's family saying "You just blow my mind!", when being introduced to any of the 7D's bizarre objects.


S2e04a '...shower, shower, every hour, here in my shower, too...'
S2e09a doc working inside the machine
  • A bit of animation in this episode is reused from "Say Pest to the Dress": The above image is from "Say Pest to the Dress" when Doc built the Very Best Catch-a-Pest while the other is from "The Family Pickles" when he built the pickle peckler. However, both screenshots show the same machine parts and the animation from "The Family Pickles" is flipped over. While "The Family Pickles" was animated by Wang, that particular piece of animation along with "Say Pest to the Dress" was done by Toon City.
  • Starchbottom's past is revealed in this episode.
  • Sir Yipsalot appears in the title card for the first and only time.
  • This is one of the episodes the Glooms did not appear.

Cultural Reference

  • The song about the Gerkins moving into the castle parodies the theme song from the television series The Beverly Hillbillies.


S2e09a 'what should we do, your majesty'

  • When Bashful asked Delightful what should they do, the top stripe on Sneezy's shirt is blue instead of red.
S2e09a '...there's only one thing you can do.'

  • The close-ups of Delightful while the 7D is on the castle balcony show that Sneezy's hat is missing its feather.
S2e09a butterbean cooing

  • When Butterbean coos after he, Sissy and Kip were introduced to the 7D, only his skin tone on his head changes color.


International Premieres

  • August 13, 2016 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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