Disguises Cauldron Manor Transformations Spells

The Glooms' cauldron is a cauldron owned by the Glooms and it is regularly used by Hildy and Grim Gloom for casting spells to take over Jollywood.

Sneezin' Season

The slime of newt, the goo of frog, a smelly boot, the drool of dog are put into it twice. But in the second time, Hildy drops the hairy crab whiskers (some of Grumpy's beard hairs) before she can add them to the controlling potion.

Leaf It to Sneezy

The cauldron was used to create a leaf monster and banish Sneezy's sneeze to Memory Lane.

The Rock of Sages

They turned Mount Jollywood into a volcano by putting in seven jalapeño seeds, three spoonfuls of spicy sloppy joe, and four crow feathers in their cauldron.

Funniest Haircut Day

The Glooms disguised themselves as hairdressers from France to put a lock of each Jollywoodian's hair in their cauldron to turn Jollywood to rubble that will then make wood rise.

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