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In addition to magical transformations, the Glooms also have to cleverly disguise themselves to trick the The 7D and Queen Delightful as part of their plot to rule Jollywood. Here's a list of their disguises through a change of wardrobe.

Season 1

Episode Image Description
"Sneezin' Season" Sneezin Season 110 Grim and Hildy dressed as hairdressers from a faraway land, wanted to get a snip of Grumpy's beard to add to their mind-control potion. Sneezy's gigantic sneeze revealed their true identities.
"Welcome to the Neighborhood" Bandicam 2016-02-25 12-44-10-575 The Glooms disguised themselves as part of their plan to steal the Rock of Sages that holds immense power which can supposedly allow any wizard who gets their hands on it to dominate all before.
"Sir Yipsalot and the Goose" Grim-and-Hildy-36 The Glooms kidnapped Sir Yipsalot and demanded that the queen's castle's key to be handed to them. They lose him, however, and they have to face Delightful (actually Dopey and Sneezy in disguise) for the ransom. So they wear hoods and Grim modifies his favorite -- but damaged by the dog -- fuzzy slipper and tries to pass it off as Sir Yipsalot.
"Gnome Alone" S1e01b The Glooms Send the 7D Out on a Vacation 10 The Glooms duped the 7D into a vacation away from home to a resort. The villains wanted to enter their jewel mine to steal the Royal Ruby, a gem known to make anyone a king or queen.
"Let's Get Organ-ized" S103b The Royal Pipe Organ Get's Sabotaged by the Glooms 12 Hildy and Grim appeared at the castle grounds dressed as pipe organ salespeople to offer Delightful a replacement to her broken instrument that the Glooms caused its damage earlier in the episode. The Glooms' organ contains a note that, when played, will turn everyone in Jollywood to stone.
"The Fairest in the Land" S1e10b TFINL 086 Hildy wants to be crowned as the fairest in the land at the annual Jollies awards, so she and Grim appeared as salon employees to give her a makeover -- a spell that makes the queen looked hideous.
"Grim the Dragon" Grim-the-Dragon-38 Hildy dresses as Little Bo Peep to convince the 7D to rescue Grim (who was earlier being transformed into a dragon by Hildy to terrorize Jollywood) from a ferocious dragon.
"Free Teensy"
S1e13b Hildy Goes to the Carnival with Grim As Clowns 1
Grim takes Hildy out to a carnival. To avoid causing a scene because of their notoriety, they disguised as clowns.
"The Jollywood Jam"
S1e14a Glooms dressed up like tourists
The Glooms appear as tourists on vacation traveling to the Jollywood Bowl where they would use their powerful mind-reading wand to ruin the annual Heroes' Day Concert.
"Hildy the Good" S1e14b Hildy ''And I'll make the baddy bad stop'' (1) Frustrated with failure after failure of overthrowing Delightful, Hildy decides to turn good -- now known as Hildy the Good -- to be close to queen to seize her castle.
"Grim the Genius"
S1e09b Grim disguises as Toasty
To make it up to Hildy after ruining one of her plans, Grim decided to become smart. Posing as Toasty, a baker, he obtains the Smarty Pants Stone from Doc.
"The Queen's Quest"
S1e21b The Queen's Quest 036
In another plan to take over the castle, Grim appears a genie to grant the Magic Mirror a wish to become human for a day. Hildy then disguises herself as the mirror to send Delightful on a quest that's very dangerous.

Season 2

Episode Image Description
"When Pigs Fly" S2e03a grim and hildy offer a toast Grim and Hildy dressed as real estate salespeople to offer Jollywood's villagers to stay at "Hildegard Estates", which is in reality a row of outhouses on their property. Their true motive is to make them drink their potion to become their minions.
"Funniest Haircut Day" S2e01b the glooms disguised as hairstylists The Glooms dressed once again as hairdressers, but this time it's a part of their plan to use a spell to take over Jollywood. Hildy poses under the name of "Felicia Tini Bo Beenie", while Grim goes by "Chad".
"Miss Fortune Teller" S2e07a crystal ball and hildy grinning Hildy poses as Miss Fortune, a fortune teller in an another attempt to drive Queen Delightful away. She eventually becomes queen after she tricked Delightful into traveling around the world backwards to save the kingdom from a future tornado.
"Surely You Jest" S2e12b the glooms as court jesters The Glooms pose as potential Queen Delightful's court jesters in their latest scheme.