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The Glooms' action of casting a spell

The Glooms are who have the power of wizards; more specifically, they are the witches who have the ability to cast spells so as to help them in the schemes of taking over Jollywood. Some spells are cast by just several swings of their wand but some other are cast by rhythmical phrases said out loud. The following list shows all of the Glooms' spells that are cast in words:

Season 1


of spell

Episode Spell's phrase Cast towards... Spell's effect Status
1 "Sneezin' Season" Hildy:

The slime of newt.

Grim: The goo of frog

Hildy: A smelly boot

Grim: The drool of dog

Hildy: Mix them together

Grim: With just a dab...

Both: Of whiskers from a hairy crab!

Potion tank Put everyone in Jollywood under their commands Failed
2 "Sneezin' Season" Hildy:

To sneak up on those 7D, make us Jollyberry trees

Grim and


Transform the Glooms into Jollyberry trees Completed
3 "Sneezin' Season" Grim:

Return us to humans, both she and me. We've both had enough of being a tree!

Grim and Hildy Return the Glooms from the Jollyberry trees back to normal Completed
4 "Sneezin' Season" Grim:

So we don't get hurty-wurty, turn us into little birdies... So we don't get hurty-wurty, turn us into little birdies!

Grim and Hildy Turn the Glooms into birds Completed
5 "Sneezin' Season" Grim:

Return us to humans, both she and me. We're tired of being troublery.

Grim and Hildy Return the Glooms from the bushes back to normal Completed
6 "Sneezin' Season" Grim:

So we don't get hurty-wurty, turn us into big ol' birdies.

Grim and Hildy Turn the Glooms into ostriches Completed
7 "Sneezin' Season" Hildy:

About this spell we don't care, just take us home to our lair, where I can fixy-up my hair!

Grim, Hildy and their cart Send the Glooms back home Completed
8 "Mirror, Mirror" Hildy:

Quick as a whistle, make a wall of thistle.

The Glooms' mansion's yard Create green spiky thistles Completed
9 "Mirror, Mirror" Hildy:

Creepy crawly little bugs, I turn you into slimy slugs!

The 7D (except Grumpy) Turn the 7D into slugs Failed
10 "Surprise" Grim: Party stuff, time to part. Load yourselves into my cart! Party decorations / ornaments Load all the 7D's party decorations into Grim's cart. Completed
11 "Welcome to the



I want you gone, big time!

Grumpy (Accidentally) Turn Grumpy into a gigantic dwarf Completed
12 "Gnome Alone" Grim:

The royal ruby is our quest. We seek to find its place of rest. So take us to the secret nest!

Grim and Hildy Take themselves into the 7D's mine. Failed
13 "Gnome Alone" Grim:

Alakazam floatie woatie down. Alakazam floatie woatie down. Alakazam floatie woatie down. Alakazam floatie woatie down!

Grim and Hildy Make themselves float in the air Failed
14 "Gnome Alone" Hildy:

Royal ruby, grant my dream. To now become Jollywood's queen... (thwarted by Sleepy)

(Grim casts) Hildy Make Hildy instant queen of Jollywood by the power of the Royal Ruby. Failed
15 "Sleepytime" Grim:

Here from Jollywood's highest peak, heed the magic words I speak. If you are awake, now be a sheep!

Citizens in Jollywood Turn every citizen of Jollywood into a sheep Completed
16 "Sleepytime" Hildy:

From down on the ground to the highest steeple, turn them from sheeps back into people.

Citizens in Jollywood Turn every citizen from sheeps back into people Completed
17 "Sleepytime" Hildy:

Here from Jollywood's highest peak, heed the magic words I speak. If you are awake, now be asleep!

Citizens in Jollywood Make every citizen of Jollywood fall asleep Completed
18 "Sleepytime" Hildy:

Sleeping spell I cast on thee, go to sleep immediately!

Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot Make both Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot fall asleep Failed
19 "For the Love of Cheese" Grim:


Grim's hat Turn Grim into a frog Completed
20 "For the Love of Cheese" Hildy:

Rise and tell, o' book of spells.

The Glooms' spell book Take control of the Glooms' book of spell (open pages) Completed
21 "Let's Get Organ-ized" Grim:

Let's cast a spell on the 7D and hope it lasts for eternity!

Hildy: We'll turn you each into a troll. Why? Because that's how we roll.

The 7D Turn each of the 7D into a troll Failed
22 "The Fairest in the Land" Hildy:

Take the face of Queen Delightful. Turn it into something frightful.

Queen Delightful's face lotion Make Queen Delightful's face much uglier Completed
23 "Grim the Dragon" Hildy:

Zim, zalla-bim, zalla-bim, bim, bim. Make a dragon out of Grim, Grim, Grim!

Grim Make Grim become a fire-breathing dragon Completed
24 "Hildy the Good" Hildy:

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Bust this baby on the double!

The Jollywood dam Create a powerful beam that bursts the Jollywood dam Completed
25 "Hildy the Good" Grim:

Kitties and pooches, hey, I'm callin'. Don't stop now, keep on fallin'!

The sky Make it rain cats and dogs (literally) Completed
26 "Hildy the Good" Grim:

Make the Queen spin till she's dizzy. Then make her fly into a tizzy.

Queen Delightful Make the Queen spin non-stop whilst flying up in the air Completed
27 "Hildy the Good" Hildy:

Can it, doggy!

Sir Yipsalot Lock Sir Yipsalot inside a can Completed
28 "Hildy the Good" Hildy:

The kingdom's mine now. You have no power. I banish you to the highest tower

Queen Delightful Send the Queen up to the highest locked chamber of the castle. Completed
29 "Hildy the Good" Grim:

You defy us, okay, fine! You'll spend the eternity in the mine!

Lord Starchbottom Send Starchy down to the 7D's mine Completed
30 "Grim the Genius" Hildy:

Frightening lightning, hear my call. Let's knock down this castle's wall!

A dark, stormy cloud Form a lightning-blasting cloud that will knock down the castle's wall. Failed
31 "Grim the Genius" Grim:

Lightning, go boom!

That dark, stormy cloud Hildy made earlier (Accidentally) Make the lightning-blasting cloud strike the Glooms' mansion Completed
32 "Grim the Genius" Grim:

Odiferous befunkus, make us biggest skunkus!

Hildy and Grim Using the power of skunk-transforming potion to turn the Glooms into skunks Completed
33 "The Enchanted Shoes" Hildy:

Footsy-wootsy-tootsy-toots, break the spell on the running shoes!

Every spell-cast running shoe Make the magic shoes of the citizens cease to run Completed
34 "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof" Hildy:

Higgledy-piggledy, quick as a gnat. Make a moat to keep out that cat

One of the 7 mystical cats of Catalina Create a moat surrounding the Glooms' mansion to keep that cat outside Completed
35 "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof" Hildy:

Higgledy-piggledy-wiggledy pop! Make that crazy old rocket stop!

A flying rocket that contains one of the 7 mystical cats of Catalina Shoot beams that can prevent that rocket from flying around inside the Glooms' mansion Completed
36 "Leaf It To Sneezy" Hildy:

Cauldron bubble, on the double. For Queenie-bo-beenie, let's make trouble!

Potion tank Step 1 (Supporting step) of creating a giant leaf monster. Completed
37 "Leaf It To Sneezy" Hildy:

From fallen leaves this autumn day, monster, take the Queen away!

Potion tank to the pile of leaves placed in front of the castle Step 2 of creating a giant leaf monster made from a plie of leaves using the potion tank that transfers the spell from Hildy to it Completed
38 "Leaf It To Sneezy" Hildy:

With slime of slugs and dew of leaves, I take away your power of sneeze. And banish it to Memory Lane, you'll never remember how to sneeze again!

Potion tank to Sneezy Using the potion tank with a bit of green potion poured in to transfer Hildy's spell to Sneezy, which takes away his feather and forces him to forget how to sneeze Completed

Season 2


of spell

Episode Spell's phrase Cast towards... Spell's effect Status
- "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti!" Hildy:

...Take of his words right out of his throat, banish them to an ice cave that's oh so remote.

Happy Removing his voice and sending it to a cave in Mount Jollywood Completed
- "Take Me to Your Grumpy" Hildy:

Twinkle, twinkle diamond star, I can't believe how big you are. From another galaxy, come to mama, come to me!

Biggest diamond in the known universe Summoning the diamond using a giant wand Failed; the spell instead hit Nabble and Freem's spaceship
- "Take Me to Your Grumpy" Hildy:

I call across the galaxy, distant diamond, come to me. A magic spell you can't resist, seal it now with true love's kiss.

Biggest diamond in the known universe Second attempt at getting the diamond through their cauldron Failed; the cauldron instead explodes
- "Take Me to Your Grumpy" Hildy:

Dazzling diamonds, you're a girl's best friend. Out of the sky, I bid you descend!

Biggest diamond in the known universe Third attempt at obtaining the diamond, this time from the top of their roof Failed; the spell hit the Hurdy Gurdy Whirly Birdy with Doc on board and the aircraft crashed into the Glooms' home
- "Take Me to Your Grumpy" Hildy:

Diamond in a galaxy far, far away, the power of my summoning spell, you must obey!

Biggest diamond in the known universe Final attempt at summoning the diamond from inside their home

Completed; Hildy finally succeeds at bringing the diamond down to Earth, but the jewel is so gigantic that it crushed the Glooms!

- "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks" Grim:

Jiggity-jog, jiggity-jig, make those termites really large!

Termites To make them large enough so Grim can capture them Completed; although Grim made the termites bigger than he and Hildy and ended up being chased by them!
- "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks" Hildy:

Eensie meensie buggy beansie, make the termites teensie weensie!

Termites To make them smaller Completed; however the big termites already ate the Glooms' home before the spell hit them.

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