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Wanting to get rid of Queen Delightful and to conquer Jollywood as well as tricking The 7D, Hildy and Grim Gloom have to rely on magical transformations and disguises to carry on their plans carefully. Sometimes they also can be transformed by their enemies or through other means. This article list all the Glooms' magical transformations.

Season 1

Episode Image Description
"Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters" Grimwold As a Spider 1 Hildy casts a spell on Grim to be a six-foot spider to drive Delightful out of her castle. But Grim has arachnophobia, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider is making things a lot worse for him.
"Sneezin' Season" Sneezin Season 35 On the eve of the Jolly Berry Pie Festival, the Glooms brew a mind-control potion to take over the kingdom. They have to get one last ingredient -- whiskers from Grumpy's beard. So they went to a Jolly Berry grove where the rest of 7D are picking berries as Jolly Berry trees to get close to Grumpy.
Sneezin Season 52
Sneezin Season 57
Sneezin Season 58
Sneezin Season 59
Sneezin Season 60
After flying into the air by Sneezy and falling to the ground, Grim (by delay) turned themselves into birds. Hildy ordered him to change themselves back, and she became a frog, a toilet, and finally a box containing her human self. Grim then transformed back to being human.
Sneezin Season 75
Sneezin Season 86
The Glooms are at the 7D's cottage as hedges to be behind a window to get Grumpy's whiskers. But Sneezy blows them away into the air again. Grim turns him and Hildy into ostriches, not realizing that ostriches cannot fly as they slammed into the ground below.
Sneezin Season 128 In their final attempt, Hildy reduces herself to the size of a dwarf to blend in with the Jolly Berry Pie Festival crowd. She finally obtains Grumpy's whiskers, but failed to add it to their potion because of a barrage of flying pies.
"Mirror, Mirror" S1e04a The 7D Save Magic Mirror 48 Grim steals the Magic Mirror from the queen's castle. When the 7D rescued her, Hildy casts a spell at them to become slugs, but the spell reflected off the mirror and instead hits Hildy and Grim.
"Welcome to the Neighborhood" Glooms Disguised as Dwarfs 2 The Glooms became dwarfs known as the Grins. They then moved next door to the 7D's to swipe the Rock of Sages from their mine, a gem known to give all power to any wizard.
Hildy's rival, Snazzy Shazam, turns her into a squid after she said that Hildy lost another award.
"The Fairest in the Land"
S1e10b TFINL 267
S1e10b TFINL 268
S1e10b TFINL 269
S1e10b TFINL 270
Hildy had turned Delightful ugly so she won't get another award for being the fairest in the land as well as obtaining the Jollywood Gemstone Wand. Delightful wins again because of her love for her people, but that doesn't stop Hildy from snatching the wand away from the Queen. Hildy's actions force the wand to transform her into an ugly monster.
"For the Love of Cheese" S1e03a Hildy Upset that Grim is a Frog 13 While performing a magic trick, Grim accidentally turned himself into a frog. Hildy has to turn him back to human but she doesn't like anything icky, so she believes that the Love Stone will cure him instead of having to kiss him.
"Let's Get Organized S103b The Royal Pipe Organ Get's Sabotaged by the Glooms 2 As buzzards, the Glooms dispense rocks into Delightful's organ pipes. Now that the queen's pipe organ is in need of repair, the disguised Glooms convince her to buy one of theirs that contains a note that will turn the people of Jollywood into stone when played.
"Grim the Dragon" S1e13 Grim Scares the Town as a Dragon 2 After witnessing a dragon attacking the Jollywood village, Hildy wants a dragon of her own to do the same. Unable to find one, she temporarily made Grim a dragon to scare off the villagers. However, the dragon returned and whisked Grim away, thinking that he's her baby.
"Free Teensy" S1e13b Grim Gives Hildy The Shape-shifting Ring 7BirdieS1e13b Grim Gives Hildy The Shape-shifting Ring 10S1e13b Grim Gives Hildy The Shape-shifting Ring 14S1e13b Grim Tosses Hildy's Ring Which the Jolly-Go-Jumbo Fish Eats Making Her Mouse 7 Grim gave Hildy a shape-shifting ring as a present. By shaking the ring, Hildy can transform into any animal she desires. But Hildy loses it at the carnival (while becoming a mouse in the process), which eventually got swallowed by Delightful's pet fish Teensy. In the end, she got the ring back and became human again, but dropped it into the ocean.
"The Jollywood Jam" S1e13a 'I Can Has Pickle' Grim is presented with a very powerful wand -- which can read the minds of anyone and making it come true -- from Hildy. They plan to sabotage their Heroes' Day concert at the Jollywood Bowl, but the wand was swapped with Happy's baton at a road collision. Sir Yipsalot eventually got possession of the wand; and as the Glooms chased him, the pooch thinks of pickles and a pile of them stopped the Glooms. Then they became cats.
"The Enchanted Shoes"
The Glooms posed as cobblers running a new shoe shop plotting to run everyone out of the kingdom by selling shoes that can make anyone run nonstop.

Season 2

Episode Image Description
"The Great Glitterpillar" Hildy in The Great Glitterpillar 1 In another attempt to thwart Queen Delightful, Hildy transforms herself into a 60-foot giantess.
"Grump-Tiki" S2e07b 'i feel empty and wooden and kind of pale.'S2e07b happy mopping deckS2e07b 'ah, i smell like fish.'S2e07b 'and i'm your buoy.'S2e07b hildy transforming grim back into a bucket Hildy and Grim become a mop and bucket, respectively, to stay undetected from the 7D so they steal away from them the le fromage de grosse pew so drive away Delightful our of her castle. Hildy is being used to clean the deck of the 7D's boat. Later when the 7D came ashore to Piquant Island, Hildy transforms into an anchor (she then goes underwater) while Grim becomes a buoy. In the end, when their plan failed at the castle, Hildy angrily turns Grim back into a bucket.