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"The Great Glitterpillar"
Season 2, Episode 2B*
S2e02b title card
Half hour production code: 202B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate January 30, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Charles Visser
Written by Shea Fontana
Storyboards by Charles Visser
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"In Yer Dreams, Pal"
Suceeded by →
"Oh Happy Grumpy"

"The Great Glitterpillar" is an episode that premiered on January 30, 2016 with "In Yer Dreams, Pal" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the fifty-second episode in the series.


The 7D must save the Queen’s jewels from a gem-eating Glitterpillar and a sixty-foot tall Hildy Gloom.


The episode opens inside the Jumbo Jungle, where Grim rushed Hildy through on a rickshaw. Hildy wanted Grim to look for the yellow Jumbo Gem in her another plan to take over Jollywood. After one was spotted, Grim went over to the bush where it is located, but soon found himself in a struggle with a strange, large creature whose face is concealed. Grim finally then grabbed the gem from the creature's habitat, and he and Hildy raced back home in terror.

Later, at sunset, the 7D are at the end of their workday at their mine. Happy and Grumpy noticed a strange, rumbling noise that Grumpy thought it is Happy's stomach. Then, the same creature that faced Grim earlier was inside the mine, scaring the 7D away. The dwarfs then decided to trap the creature, with Dopey going back inside to lure it with gems. The creature is lead out of the mine eating the gems, then it is trapped. The "sinister" creature turned out to be a gentle, adorable Glitterpillar, and she was attracted to the gems at the mine to be eaten because of the disruption of her habitat by the Glooms. Doc later built the Don't-Bug-Me-Buggy-Go-Bye-Bye to lure her away from the mine, but as the 7D returned to their trap the Glitterpillar escaped out of it, and is on the move towards Queen Delightful's castle where she picked up the scent of the gems there.

At the Glooms' manor, Hildy instructed Grim to place the Jumbo Gem on a giant tiara, and used it as a part of a spell that transformed Hildy into a giantess! As giantess Hildy travels towards the castle to force all of its occupants out with Grim in tow, the Glitterpillar already arrived there. The Glitterpillar's cute appearance won Queen Delightful's heart at first, then she proceeded to suck Sir Yipsalot's crown away. She then attempted to eat Delightful's crown but stopped by the 7D's arrival, and Dopey wants her to spit out Sir Yipsalot's crown, which she complied. The giant Hildy appeared outside and order everyone out of the castle, and as the heroes ran away from her, Dopey was left behind and Hildy's giant hand proceeded to pick him up. However, the Glitterpillar jumped on Hildy's hand to rescue Dopey and he is freed!

Later, the 7D witnessed that the Glitterpillar is forming a cocoon and went inside, initiating its metamorphosis. While the 7D defended themselves and the castle, Doc retrieved his Don't-Bug-Me-Buggy-Go-Bye-Bye and modified it into a vehicle/aircraft. Doc flew it around Hildy to remove her tiara with a rope and a hook; when he succeeded, Hildy and Grim fell into the moat below, defeated. After the threat is over, the cocoon burst and the Glitterpillar revealed herself to be an insect with gems on her wings. A large Glitterpillar migration occurred, and the 7D encouraged her to join them, but she had trouble taking off because she was missing a gem on one of her wings. Dopey then found the missing Jumbo Gem and gave it to the Glitterpillar. Now that she has her gem back, she bade goodbye to her friends and began migrating with the other insects. The 7D's adventure that day made Grumpy hungry so he ordered several boxes of pizza, but his friends are hungry, too, so he has no choice but to share, and it ends with a "Pizza pie ho!"

Running Gag

  • Grumpy saying to the glitterpillar and Bashful "You and me both, sister".
  • Happy mispronouncing "Metamorphose".


  • Although in reality "The Great Glitterpillar" is Dopey-centric, the official press release for it as well as scenes from the segment used in Disney XD's promotions for the second season of The 7D made it seem as if it's focused on Hildy.
  • This episode was premiered on Disney Channel Asia on March 12, 2016 before "When Pigs Fly / Knight School" on March 19, 2016.
  • This is the first and only episode to reveal Sir Yipsalot's eyes.

Cultural Reference

  • The opening mine scene references the familiar opening title sequence of the Hanna-Barbera animated series The Flintstones, first seen starting with the third season during its original run. When Doc's hat sounds the whistle to end their work day, Happy reacts and slides down shouting "Whoopty doopty schoodly doooooo!" in a matter similar to Fred Flintstone.


S2e02b the 7d walking into the damaged trap
  • While the 7D is under the Don't-Bug-Me-Buggy-Go-Bye-Bye and walking into their trap for the Glitterpillar, Sneezy is wearing both his shorts (though he stopped wearing them after the first season) and his pants at once, while Doc's animation gave the impression that he is wearing a skirt instead of his shorts!
  • When Bashful said "Her wings' missing a gem", his mouth doesn't sync up with his dialogue.


International Premieres

  • March 12, 2016 (Disney Channel Asia)


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