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(open up on The 7D making music)
Happy: Fantastic, fellas. Now, one more time from the top.
(dwarfs groan)
Bashful: You're bustin' our onions.
Doc: We've already played it six times, Happy.
Happy: Seven's the charm.
Grumpy: (tries to play the tuba) My-my wips are wumb.
Happy: Your "wips" are "wumb"?
Grumpy: My wips are wollen.
Happy: You wanna go bowling? We can't go bowling. We got a concert tonight.
Grumpy: My...lips...are...numb...and...swollen.
Happy: Your lips are numb and swollen? That happens when you play the tuba.
(Grumpy pulls his hand over his face)
Happy: Oh, this is gonna be the best Heroes' Day concert ever! Woo-hoo!

(cut to Doc on the couch)
Doc: Heroes' Day celebrates Jollywood's founding fathers. Long, long ago, our kingdom was ruled by a wicked warlock.
(Dopey and Bashful appear)
Bashful: He was a real big meanie.
Doc: But the seven wise founding fathers of Jollywood banded together and defeated him...
Sneezy: And you should've seen da feet on him!
Sleepy: High four, sneeze man. (him and Sneezy high-four) I could hear that joke every day.
Bashful: And we do.
Doc: And now, every year, we celebrate our founding fathers and all of Jollywood's heroes with a big concert, and a spectacular fireworks show.
Happy: And this year, the Queen asked me to come up with something special for the show, so I did!
Doc: It's Happy's musical masterpiece.
Happy: I call it, "The Jollywood Jam."
Grumpy: I call it, "My wips are wumb."

(cut to Hildy and Grim's manor)
Grim: (offscreen) Heroes Day makes me feel gloopy.
Hildy: Oh, don't be such a sad pants, Grimmy.
Grim: But Hildy, how can my pants not be sad on the day that Jollywood is all happy pants about kickin' out my Great-Great-Great Grandpapa Gloom? (sighs) Today, nothing can make me not boo-hooey.
Hildy: Not even a prezzie?
Grim: (gasps) A prezzie? For me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! (sees a magic wand) Oh! Oh, Hildy! A wand!
Hildy: Not just any wand, Grim. It's a brand-new y-wizard! Try it!
Grim: Okay. Ala-ca...
Hildy: Sh! That's the best part. You don't even need to say a spell. It's on "read your mind mode".
Grim: Excellent.
(A kitty appears floating in a bubble)
Grim: It did read my mind! Fancy-schmancy.
Hildy: The most powerful wand in Jollywood and that's what you come up with, a kitty? Grim, this wand can do anything. Think bigger!
Grim: Yeah, bigger. (the kitty turns into a big one) Big kitty!
Hildy: Ugh! (pops the bubble) You have a very powerful new wand.
Grim: Uh-huh.
Hildy: Today, all of Jollywood is gathered for Heroes Day.
Grim: Right.
Hildy: So... you are going to use your new wand to ruin Heroes Day.
Grim: I am?
Hildy: You are.
Grim: I are.

(cut to the Jollywood Jam show)
Starchy: Five minutes to show time. Everyone here? Queen Delightful, check. Squire Peckington, check. Sir Yipsalot, check. 7D. 7D? 7D! Where are the 7D?
Delightful: Oh, I haven't seen them, Lord Starchbottom. Maybe, they're looking for parking.
Starchbottom: This is a disaster. Without the 7D, we don't have a show. Squire Peckington?
(Squire Peckington squawks)
Squire Peckington: What do you want?
Starchbottom: Fetch the 7D.
Sir Yipsalot: (yips and grabs the quill from Starchy)
Starchbottom: Not you, Sir Yipsalot. No fetching for you. Come back here.

(cut to the 7D)
Squire Peckington: (flies towards the 7D) 7D, show's about to start. (flies away)
Happy: We better get cranking, Doc.
Doc: You got it.
Happy: Follow that bird.

(cut to Grim and Hildy)
Grim: Excellent sammy. Why didn't we travel by broom, my Hildy-Wildy?
Hildy: If we want to ruin Heroes Day, first, we have to fit in, so brooms, no. Silly hats, yes. Skate speedily, Peaches.
(Peaches is shown wearing skates and is traveling fast)

(cut to the 7D)
Doc: Look out!

(cut to Grim and Hildy)
Hildy: Brakes, Peaches, brakes!
(a short cut scene of the 7D bumping into the Glooms plays)
Grumpy: (distantly) I think I bruised my wips.
Doc: Everybody okay?
Hildy: Oh no, The 7D. Grim, cover your face.
Happy: That was fun.
Grim: Sorry, eh. Oopsie-doopsie, eh.
Happy: Ooh, come on, guys. We got a concert to give.
Grumpy: Woad hog!
(camera zooms over to Hildy and Grim)
Grim: Peaches, you're a speed demon. We gotta get you some driving lessons.
Hildy: Let's go, Grim, before they spot us.
Happy: Let's get a move on, 7D.
Dwarfs: Hi-ho!

(cut to Starchy and Delightful)
Starchbottom: (paces) Oh, dear, where are they? (bumps on the 7D)
Dwarfs: We're here!
Delightful: Oh, good, you found parking.
Starchbottom: Queen Delightful, you're on. Oh, your speech.

(cut to the concert)
(fanfare plays)
Delightful: Ahem. Ice cream, sour balls, peanut brittle. (Starchy's jaw drops) Rock salt...
Starchbottom: (freaks out) That's my grocery list! (to Delightful) Here's your speech. Here it is, your speech.
Delightful: Ahem. Welcome to Heroes Day!
Man in audience: Heroes Day, yeah!
Audience: Heroes, heroes!
Hildy: This is it, Grim. We'll ruin Heroes Day.
Grim: Right. First, I'm gonna turn Queen Delightful into a donkey. (waves his wand) Ta-da! I did it.
(camera cuts to Queen Delightful)
Delightful: ...brave, courageous, and true.
Hildy: Ta-da, you did not. Gimme that.
(camera cuts to Queen Delightful)
Delightful: And on this Heroes Day, we celebrate with music... And a sparkly boom-boom sky show. Ooh!

(cut to Doc)
Doc: For the biggest boom, I built the Fizz-Gig Thingamajig, so that the fireworks at the end of the show would be exactly like Happy pictured them.
Happy: When I wrote this piece, I wasn't just coming up with music. In my mind, I was seeing all the amazing pictures that can go with it. Grumpy.
Grumpy: My wips are still wumb.

(cut back to the concert)
Delightful: And now, to honor the heroes of our kingdom, The 7D present the world premiere of a new composition by Happy, "The Jollywood Jam"! Take it away, Happy! Go, you!
Audience: Happy! Happy!
Man in audience: Happy rules. Yeah!
(camera shifts to Happy)
Happy: Ladies and jolly men, expect the unexpected. And a-one, and a-two, and a one, two, three.
(music plays)
(audience gasps)
Audience: Ooh!
(the dwarfs turn into animals)
(Starchy stammers)
Delightful: In all fairness, Happy did say to expect the unexpected.
(music continues playing)
Dwarfs: Hi-ho, ga-dooka-looka, Jollywood
Hi-ho, ga-dooka-looka, Jollywood
Hi-ho, oh, oh
Starchbottom: This is magnificent.
(music continues playing)
(the 7D start surfing)
Dwarfs: Cowabunga! Whoo-hoo!
Sleepy: Hang, 7D! Righteous!
Hildy: Ugh! This wand is useless. The y-wizard shouldn't work like this. It should work like... (notices the 7D) that! That's your wand, Grim! This is that smiley guy's music stick.
Grim: We've gotta get my wand back.
(the 7D swim underwater)
Hi-ho, hi-ho, we're the 7D
(the 7D ride on horses)
Delightful: And, they're coming around the final turn. They're in the home stretch. It's down to the wire.
Sneezy: Ah-choo!
Delightful: (distantly) And it's Sneezy by a nose!
Starchbottom: Wow, is this in the budget? Who's paying for all this?
(Happy does another magic trick with the rest of the 7D)
Dwarfs: Hi-ho
Hi-ho, the 7D
Are in the house
The 7D...
(the 7D start snowboarding, )
(the 7D get transported into a video game, )
Delightful: I don't even know what this is, but I love it! I don't wanna put it down. I wanna play all the time, day and night.
Starchbottom: Hey, I think I won.
(the 7D start dancing )
Grumpy: Now, my wips are weally, weally wumb.
(music continues playing)
(the 7D are on top of a train)
(the 7D turn into bees)
Grim: Bees! They have stingies! I'm allergic!
(the 7D are floating in space)
Grim: Whoa!
Hildy: Ugh. (hands Grim his magic wand) It's all yours, Grim. Ruin Heroes Day.
Grim: This one's for you, Great-Great-Grandpapa Gloom.
Starchbottom: I can't decide which is my favorite part so far.
Delightful: I love all the costumes. So fetching.
Yipsalot: Yip, yip, yip!
Starchbottom: Not you, Sir Yipsalot. She didn't say "fetch". She said "fetching".
Grim: Come back here!
(fireworks start up)
Grim: Hey, you. Gimme back my wand.
Hildy: Pickle juice. Eww!
Grim: Baby dill.
(Hildy and Grim turn into cats)
Hildy: Grim, you're a cat!
Grim: I can has pickle?
Yipsalot: Yip yip!
(Grim and Hildy gasp)
Yipsalot: Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!
(fireworks boom)
Audience: Ooh!
Delightful: Sparkly boom-boom sky show. Yay!
Happy: "The Jollywood Jam".
(audience cheer)
Happy: Wow, that was even better than I pictured it.
Delightful: Bravo, bravo!
Starchbottom: Unbelievable! We should take this on the road. We could make a fortune. Grumpy, let's talk.
Grumpy: Not now. My wips need a wong west. (sighs)
Dwarfs: Hi-ho!
(episode ends)

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