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"The Queen's Quest"
Season 1, Episode 21A*
S1e21b Title Card
Half hour production code: 121A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate January 19, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Jeff Gordon
Written by Shea Fontana / Sherri Stoner / Deanna Oliver
Storyboards by Mark Maxey
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt"
Suceeded by →
"Finders Keepers"

"The Queen's Quest" is an episode that premiered on January 19, 2015 with "Grim the Genius" on Disney XD.[2] It was premiered separately. Subsequent airings paired it with "Finders Keepers", now known as "The Queen's Quest / Finders Keepers".

It is the forty-first episode in the series.


After Hildy disguises herself as the Magic Mirror and sends the queen away on a dangerous quest, the 7D must go after her and bring her back to the throne.

Guest star


While it's Day Off Day, the 7D are on vacation at the Enchanted Seaside Resort. At the castle, Queen Delightful is asking the Magic Mirror a few questions. When she is done, the Magic Mirror has had a wish: she wants to get out of her mirror to enjoy her Day Off Day. Suddenly, a bucket appears from nowhere containing Grim (disguised as a genie), convincing her that he will grant her wish to keep her busy the whole day and turns her into a beautiful lady. Meanwhile, when they are both out of the castle, Hildy walks in through the window and disguises herself as the Magic Mirror by painting her face golden. She also disguises her voice as the Magic Mirror's, and calls Queen Delightful and tricks her into going on a Queen's Quest by telling her that The 7D are in the Armpit of Doom. So, she uses her unicorn Lady Giddyup to ride out to rescue them. Sir Yipsalot asks her where she's going, Delightful replies to Sir Yipsalot that it's too dangerous. Lady Giddyup runs off and Sir Yipsalot goes after them. Hildy finally wears the Queen's crown since she told her to leave her crown and wear the Horned Helmet of Hee-hoo, but since the crown is too heavy, she stumbled to the slimy moat below. Meanwhile, the Magic Mirror and Grim are enjoying Day Off Day, while eating some ice cream.

Back at the resort, Sir Yipsalot arrives to tell the 7D that Delightful is going on a Queen's Quest (Dopey's the only one who understands him then he tells Doc). Afterwards, they head to the Armpit of Doom by riding on Grumpy's goat, Gizelle. When they reach the Terrible Trees of Teeheehee, Gizelle is sent home since he had a backache. Then the 7D pass the trees, but Sneezy sneezes due to his allergies and since the trees are woken up, they tickle them and the 7D finally get out of the trees. Meanwhile, when Delightful successfully passes The Terrible Trees of Teeheehee, she even successfully passes The Roaring Rumpuss River without getting wet (the 7D don't), The Hiccuping Holes of Harumph without falling (the 7D fall but get belched by the holes up in the air and landed at the Armpit of Doom). They land in there but, of course, they don't fall (their belts and clothes hanged them). Then they encounter a monster. Surprisingly, Delightful arrives just in time and attacks the monster with her helmet. Once the 7D are released, they don't take much time to realize that the Glooms were behind this.

Meanwhile, when Grim and the Magic Mirror are making noodle art, the Magic Mirror realizes that is time for her to go home to her mirror, after she told him she now misses being in it. Then Grim does exactly what she wishes for. While Hildy is announcing that she's Jollywood's new queen and telling the villagers that Delightful is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever coming back, Delightful suddenly arrives in the castle along with the 7D and tells Kevin—the ruler of the Armpit of Doom—to get the Glooms to his own place. Finally, Delightful and the Magic Mirror are reunited. The Magic Mirror realizes that hanging out with Queen Delightful is more fun than anything. And the queen has to finish the potato salad she thought the Magic Mirror made her make. Back at the resort, all of Jollywood is there and Grumpy tells Delightful that he doesn't like "po-ta-to" salad but prefers the potato one and Delightful has to start with scratching her hand again.

Featured Song

Running Gag

  • The 7D failing to pass through obstacles.


  • The official announcements made by Disney had the episode's title as "Finders Keepers / The Queen's Quest", but as with "The Jollywood Jam" and "Hildy the Good," Disney XD reversed the episodes as it had been since. The Disney/ABC press site for Disney XD still lists the episode in its original title.
  • With "Finders Keepers", this is the first half-hour to have its episodes air separately because of last minute scheduling changes that ultimately postponed the premiere of the first season finale when the series had first-run episodes in January 2015. "Uncle Humidor" reran with the original airing of "Finders Keepers" and "Grim the Genius" reran with the original airing of "The Queen's Quest".
  • The entire half-hour episode of "The Queen's Quest" / "Finders Keepers" was made available on Amazon and iTunes before "The Queen's Quest" even aired.
  • For the second time since "The Big Bash", Lord Starchbottom makes a very brief appearance.
  • This is the first and only time a character would save the 7D from danger instead of vice versa. (Queen Delightful)

Cultural Reference

  • This episode contain some references to the classic 1957 Warner Bros. short What's Opera, Doc? Examples include the short's villain Elmer Fudd wearing a horned hemlet while Delightful wears a similar one, Delightful's unicorn is similar in appearance to the horse in the short, and the appearance of the Armpit of Doom resembles the location during the short's climax.


International Premieres

  • August 15, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • December 4, 2016 -- (TBA)


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