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Part 1

(The episode starts with a book, which opens. The scene cuts to Jollywood.)
Narrator: Beautiful Jollywood. A truly magical kingdom. If you lived there, you'd be home.

(Song: The Jolliest Land of All)
Happy: There's a town
I hang around
Where you'll
Never see a frown

I'm singing of
The place I love
It's the jolliest land of all!

Grumpy: One two three four, one two three four!

Happy: There's a spot
Where we got
Plenty of smiles
That mean a lot

Come and see,
We're a family
In the jolliest land of all

The sun is always shining,
So you better keep reminding
It's the happiest place you'll know

We'll be dancing in the streets
To the 7D beat
When you'll hear us sing heigh-ho!
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!

Happy: Jollywood
Background singer: Jollywood
Happy: Jollywood
Background singer: Jollywood

Happy: The jolliest land of all
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!

Happy: Jollywood
Background singer: Jollywood
Happy: Jollywood
Background singer: Jollywood

Happy: The jolliest land of...

(song ends abruptly, Grumpy is shown sitting out of all the fun)
Narrator: Something wrong?
Grumpy: I'm in a mood.
Narrator: Well, maybe later.

(cut to Queen Delightful on a Sky Bucket)
Narrator: The ruler of Jollywood, Queen Delightful makes sure every day is a jolly holiday.
Delightful: Happy Water Ballooney Day, everyone. Let 'em rip! (throws balloons at the citizens)
Narrator: Jollywood, a magical land where living happily ever after is a guarantee. But, once upon a time, Jollywood was nothing like this.

(cut to Jollywood in the past)
Narrator: It was a land without magic, until one day, when seven sages came together from the seven corners of the world. The sages each carried a magical gem.
Sage Sneezy: AHHH-CHOO! (sneezes the gems into the air and they get put together)
Narrator: The seven gems, when connected, had tremendous magical power.

(Song: Rock of Sages Song)
Sage Happy: Ohhhhhh...

The most powerful gem
In history's pages
What do we call it?
Sages: The Rock of Sages

(color gets brought to Jollywood)
Nergandingslinger: Nergan-ding-ding-ding! Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding.
Narrator: This new rock bestowed magic and beauty to the once-barren land, gifting it with enchanted forests, mystical mountains, the spellbinding sea, and a castle fit for a queen.
(castle appears)
Narrator: Soon, magical creatures flooded into the land. Little people made this jolly wooded land their home.
Random Girl: And we named it Jollywood.

(cut back to the Seven Sages)
Narrator: But one day, the Seven Sages were tricked into taking their eyes off the Rock of Sages.
Offscreen voice: Hey, is that Bigfoot over there?
Sages: Where?
(the wizard grabs the Rock of Sages)
Narrator: And the supernatural rock fell into the hands of a powerful wizard.
Grudgemunger: (laughs)
Narrator: The evil Lord Grudgemunger.
Grudgemunger: Oh, great gem, oh, fiddle-dee-dee! Remove the magic from all that I see! Rock of Sages, give it to me.
(the color gets removed from the land)
Jollywoodians: Oh, no!

(cut to the Seven Sages confronting Grudgemunger)
Narrator: But the Seven Sages turned the tables and tricked Grudgemunger.
Sages: Look! The Loch Ness Monster!
Grudgemunger: (turning away) The Loch Ness Monster? Where?
(sage Dopey grabs the gem)

(cut back to Jollywood)
Narrator: And Jollywood was saved.
Jollywoodians: Yip-yip-yooray!

(cut to the Seven Sages splitting the rock)
Narrator: To make certain that the Rock of Sages would be safe for all time, the Sages disassembled it, and then took their seven gems and cleverly hid them where the evil Lord Grudgemunger would never be able to get to them. That is, until today.

(cut to Mount Jollywood)
(Glooms laugh)
Hildy: And now, we add the ingredients of a perfect recipe for disaster.
Grim: Wait. What are we up to again?
Hildy: Really? We're turning Mount Jollywood into a volcano, so we can tell Queen Delightful that unless she makes me queen, Mount Jollywood will erupt and destroy everything.
Grim: Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! What a coinky-dink. And we got this volcano spell in the mail today from my Aunt Gladys.
Hildy: Grim, we got the volcano idea because she sent us the spell.
Grim: Thank you, Aunt Gladys!
Hildy: Just read the incantation!
Grim: (reading) "Seven seeds of jalapeño. Three scoops of spicy Sloppy Joe. Add four feathers from a mean old crow, make Mount Jollywood a vol-ca-no!"
(Mount Jollywood turns into a volcano.)

(cut to Delightful)
Delightful: Oh! What's happening?
Starchbottom: I don't know, but it isn't good.
Delightful: Ohhh. We need the 7D. Time to ring the Bing-Bong Bell.
(The 7D arrive to the castle.)
7D: Heigh-ho! Here we go! The 7D reporting for duty!
Delightful: Why is this happening?
(The Glooms laugh offscreen.)
Hildy: On account of us, because we turned Mount Jollywood into a volcano.
Grim: And unless you make Hildy queen, Jollywood will be Luh-vah Land!
Hildy: It's Lah-vuh Land, Grim.
Grim: Yeah. Lava Land.
Narrator: This ultimatum left Queen Delightful no choice but to...
Delightful: Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-ca-no! Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee!
Narrator: Thankfully, the 7D were there to...
Delightful/7D: Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-ca-no!
Narrator: At least Lord Starchbottom could be counted on.
(Starchbottom runs off in fear.)
Delightful/7D: Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-ca-no!
Delightful/Grim/7D: Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-ca-no!
Hildy: Everyone, stop it.
Hildy: (to Delightful) Make me queen this instant, or you'll all be toast.
Grim: Cha! I love toast.
Delightful: (sniffles) I guess I have no choice. (takes off crown)
Hildy: Yes!
Delightful: No. I can't. Ohhh. But I must.
Grumpy: No. No, no, no, no...
(Sneezy sniffles. Dopey whistles.)
Bashful: Floom!
Happy: That's sad.
Delightful: It is with great sadness that I declare Hildy Gloom, queen of Jollywood.
Hildy: Yay-sies!
(Starchbottom sobs.)
Hildy: This is what I've always wanted.
Grim: Right. A big hat.
Grumpy: All right. Stop the volcano already.
Hildy: Not until you call me by my proper name, my itty-bitty royal subject.
Grumpy: Okay, we get it, you're in charge. Stop the volcano...Queen Hildy.
Hildy: All right. (to Grim) Grim, stop the volcano.
Grim: Okey-doke, Hildy Wildy.
Hildy: Surely, your Aunt Gladys included instructions on how to stop the volcano.
Grim: Uh, jalapeño, Sloppy Joe. Uh, nope, nothin' about that.
Narrator: It dawned upon the Glooms:
Hildy/Grim: We can't stop the volcano!
Bashful: You started it. You gotta stop it.
Hildy: 'Fraid not. As queen, I command you to stop the volcano. Toodle-oo.
Narrator: So, as Queen Hildy took the throne, and Delightful, formerly known as Queen, headed off to live as a commoner...

(cut to Mount Jollywood)
Narrator (cont'd): The 7D went to Mount Jollywood to...
Grumpy: ...stop it from blowin' its lid.
Sleepy: But how?
(Dopey whistles while pointing to something.)
Sneezy: It says, "in case of volcanic emergency, break open."
Happy: Stand back. (breaks open the case)
Singing Scroll: Hey, 7D. Dig what I'm layin' down.

(Song: Scroll Song)
There's a magic gem
From history's pages
Seven stones called
The Rock of Sages

Gather those stones
And you could
Rescue all of Jollywood

One, two, you know what to do.

Those seven stones
Have been hurled
To seven spots
In this crazy world

Now, each of you
Must go alone
To find a gem
And bring it home

Listen well
To what I sing
Of the seven locations
On your bling

You'll find them hidden,
You'll find them planted
In the seven wonders
That are enchanted

Grumpy, begin,
The red gem's in
The most magic place of all

Dopey, rush
To the Trees of Shush
Where the orange gem will fall

Bashful, stay loose,
The Vines of Vamoose
Hide the violet stone

Sneezy, scoot
To the Diamond Dunes
Where the jade green gem calls home

Oh, the Leaning Tower of Mattresses
Covers Sleepy's gem of blue

And Doc, seek
The indigo rock
In the Conical Cap of Truth

Oh, Happy, find
The yellow gem
In the hills that yell a lot

Now, go and get
Those seven gems
And return them to this spot

Reunite the seven gems
To create the Rock of Sages
Then you will save Jollywood
For now, and future ages

Oh, yeah!
(song ends)

Happy: (claps) That is one very talented piece of paper!
Grumpy: It's like an opera - it sang it, he said it, now we're gonna go do it. So, can we please heigh-ho?
7D: Heigh-ho!

(scene transitions to the Black Diamond Dunes)
Narrator: Sneezy was the first to arrive at his location, the Black Diamond Dunes.
Sneezy: How am I supposed to find that green gem under all this black sand? (sniffs) Uh-oh. This isn't black sand. It's ACCHHOOO! (sneezes) Well, what do you know? (gets covered with more black sand, but is shown having grabbed the gem) Gesundheit-ho!
Narrator: It turned out that Sneezy's powerful sneezes were just what was needed to locate the hidden green gem.

(screen transitions to Sleepy's location, the Black Diamond Dunes)
Narrator: Sleepy, meanwhile, had made his way to the famed Leaning Tower of Mattresses.
Sleepy: Winkers. The blue gem is somewhere in those mattresses. Oh, well. Better start searching from the top down.
Narrator: But once Sleepy reached the top, he was so exhausted, he needed a nap. His nap was a brief one.
Sleepy: Huh? There's a lump in this bed. I can't sleep a wink.
Narrator: Sleepy looked for the lump that was keeping him awake. Was it the bicycle? Or maybe the Sky Bucket? Perhaps it was the moose. Or, the strange little dancing person in the chicken suit.
(the person in the chicken suit does their dance)
Narrator: Was it the treasure chest? The phonograph? Perhaps the flock of birds? No, it was the gem.
Sleepy: Winkers. I found the gem.
Narrator: Sleepy's sensitive sleeping skills has been just the trick needed to find the elusive blue gem.

(cut to Jollywood)
Narrator: But things were not going quite so well back in Jollywood.
Delightful: (sighs) It looks like Happy Water Ballooney Day has been canceled.
Citizen: Why? Because of the volcano?
Delightful: No. Because I'm not your queen anymore.
Hildy: Fear not. As your new and prettier queen, Happy Water Ballooney Day can continue. (the citizens throw water balloons at her and Grim dressed up as Lord Starchbottom)
Narrator: Yes, Queen Hildy ruled the kingdom, but for how long? Could the seven gems of the Rock of Sages be found before total disaster? The future of Jollywood rested in the hands of...the 7D.
(the part ends showing the current page of the book, screen fades to black)

Part 2


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