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The Sleepy Song
Artist(s) Parry Gripp
Composer(s) Parry Gripp[1]
Length 0:30
Episode(s) N/A
The 7D Sleepy Song Official Disney Channel UK01:13

The 7D Sleepy Song Official Disney Channel UK

"The Sleepy Song"[1] is a song written and performed by Parry Gripp. The song has never been heard in the series; instead it is made as a promotional music video about Sleepy by Mr. Warburton and Brad Rozman, and it was posted on series executive producer Tom Ruegger's Facebook page. An extended version of the song was later released (seen on the infobox to the right).


Gripp: Oh, Sleepy
He's just a-sleepin' all day
Layin' on a pillow
With a smile on his face

Two o'clock, three o'clock
The days going by
Four o'clock, five o'clock
He hasn't opened his eyes
Six o'clock, seven o' clock
He's still counting sheep

Grumpy: Ah, for the love of cheese.

Gripp: Sleepy,
Can you hear me singing?
Come on, we gotta go home!


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