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The Spooky Ol' Mansion by the Sea
S1e17a mansion by the sea close up 2
Location The Spooky Ol' Mansion by the Sea
Type Residence
Notable inhabitants Uncle Humidor (formerly); Ghost Girl and her family (currently)
First appearance "Buckets"
Latest appearance "Buckets"

The Spooky Ol' Mansion by the Sea is a location featured as its main setting in the episode "Buckets". Queen Delightful had the 7D (sans Bashful) and Lord Starchbottom traveling to the mansion adjacent to the Enchanted Sea to retrieve her buckets that she missed from her childhood dearly. After they arrive there, they soon began to experience many strange goings-on.


The grand mansion sits atop a hill on the cliffs above the sea. It's dark and has been abandoned for many years and garnered spider webs in many places, giving the impression that it's haunted. It does have a lot of buckets, with some of them used as lighting fixtures, plant pots, etc.

In the series

Queen Delightful received a message from her Uncle Humidor that he sold the mansion by the sea and everything must be cleared out, giving her the opportunity to find the buckets. The 6D and Starchbottom arrive at the mansion after asking a girl for directions, who says it's haunted. They at first heard the front door slammed shut, which spooked them, and then encountered a large portrait of a girl. When Grumpy is left alone with the portrait, the girl in it suddenly emerges and asks about "Mopsy", scaring Grumpy. Grumpy then finds a bucket and rounded up the rest of the dwarfs to leave the mansion quickly, but is stopped by Starchbottom, and the 6D found more buckets scattered around the home. The mansion's haunted aura prompted Doc to search for any paranormal activity on his Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder, but it soon exploded across a piano that plays itself. Later, the gang heard strange noises surrounding them a few times.

In the kitchen, Grumpy fixes himself a sandwich; the lantern he was holding suddenly floats in the air. It revealed to be the ghost girl holding it, again frightening him. Soon, everyone ran around the foyer screaming and they all fall down on the floor. Later, they've realized that they collected every bucket in the mansion, but since it's raining heavily outside, they agree on Sleepy's idea to spend the night until it clears out. While Happy tries to calm Grumpy by singing him a lullaby in one of the bedrooms, the ghost girl reappears to sing along. Grumpy and Happy ran out and accidentally revealed a secret play room that she had used along with her childhood friend. Finally, the sight of the ghost drive out the 6D and Starchbottom out with the buckets, and it's revealed later that the ghost girl is actually Delightful's childhood friend that goes by the name of "Buckets", Delightful was "Mopsy", and the two reunite.



  • Even though the mansion shown has the name Spooky Ol' Mansion by the Sea as shown in the official map of Jollywood, it only referred to in the series as the "mansion by the sea".
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