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(Opens up with Queen Delightful ringing the Bing-Bong Bell, then cuts to the 7D singing "Heigh-Ho, Away We Go!")
(Song: Heigh-Ho, Away We Go!)
Happy: When the Bing-Bong Bell goes ding dong ding
That's when the 7D do our thing!
Springing into action like a machine
The hardest working crew you've ever seen!
Ring the Bing-Bong Bell and away we go,
(Flying cart crashes into Lord Starchbottom)
(Dopey whistles)
Lord Starchbottom: Catchy tune. I like it.

(Cut to the Queen with the 7D inside the hall)
Queen Delightful: I'm so glad you're here. Doc, I need you to invent a large...
Doc: Large...
Queen Delightful: Loud...
Doc: Loud...
Queen Delightful: One-of-a-kind...
Doc: One-of-a-kind...
Queen Delightful: Thingy!
Doc: Thingy? (dwarfs whistle) What do you want this thingy to do?
Queen Delightful: I have a very important announcement to make that must be heard the next kingdom over.
Doc: I'll get right on it!
Queen Delightful: Yippee!
Yipsalot: Yip-yip!
Queen Delightful: A new thingy for me! (yodels and flips)
(Doc scratches his beard)

(Cut to inside the 7D's cottage, with Doc trying to draw a design for the thingy)
Doc: (thinking) Hmm... hmm... hmm...
Bashful: (frightens Doc by his appearance) Is it hard to think up such important inventions?
Doc: Not usually.
Sneezy: How do you do it?
Sleepy: I'd sleep on it. (snores)
Bashful: Inventing something for Queen Delightful would make me so n-nervous...
Dopey: (whistles)
Sneezy: (sneezes) Aachooo!
Doc: Fellas, could you give a little quiet time, so I can think?
Grumpy: That's right, ya noise makers. Can't you see Doc's trying to concentrate?
Happy: What you need is a thinkin' song!

(Song: Thinking Song)
Happy: Whoa-whoa-whoa, think, think, think.
Doc's thinkin'
Noodlin' thoughts in his head
Think, think, think, he's creatin'
The greatest idea since sliced bread
Doc: (cracks his pencil, sighs) Fizzle sticks.
Happy: Doc has to really, really think this through
We have to think, oh, "What's the thingy supposed to do?"
Doc: (sees Dopey eats dirtily) This is not working! (hops inside a barrel) Flibberygibblets!
Happy:  A notion comes, an idea grows!
He has to puzzle out which way the thingy goes
Doc: I can't think!
Happy:  Oh, boys, boys, boys, we're distractin'
Doc's got very important work to do!
Our noise, noise, noise is annoyin'
All: Doc's got very, very extraordinary, very important work to do!
Work to do!
Work to do! 
Work to do!
Work to do!
Work to do!
Work to do!
Work to do!
Very, very, very, very, very important work to do!
(song ends)

Doc: Please! I need some peace and quiet! I'll even settle for just quiet.
Grumpy: We can handle that, right guys?
All: Yeah!
Dopey: (whistles)
Sleepy: Right (snores)
(As Sleepy bumps his head to a pillow and sleeps, a feather flies out, encounters Sneezy's nose that makes him sneeze. Then Sneezy's sneeze makes him push Dopey, who's drinking something, and even makes him hiccup. Dopey hits his head to a shelf that holds cups but unfortunately collapsed, then Dopey fails to hold the last one.)
Doc: Oh, fooey-patooey!
Dopey: (throws all the cups and dishes away)
Doc:I'll never be able to come up with what Queen Delightful needs with all this noise. Good day! (closes the door)
Happy: It is a good day, isn't it?
Grumpy: Now you've done it. Can't any of you be quiet for one single minute?
Bashful: We were trying.
Grumpy: You gotta try harder.
Sleepy: Yeah. If Doc needs quiet time, then we gotta practice how to do it.
Happy: Well, how hard can being quiet be?
Grumpy: It's easy. Everyone, be quiet, starting now! (pauses)It's harder than I thought. Who said it was easy?
Happy: You did!
Grumpy: Oh, then I was wrong.
Dopey: (whistles)
Sneezy: I can't do it.
Sleepy: Sleeping is quiet.
Grumpy: Quit yappin'!
Bashful: We need someone to help us.

(Cut to the Queen's castle, inside the chart chamber)
Lord Starchbottom: So you've come to me for help. How very, very interesting. You've finally realized that I'm one of the most brilliant minds in all of Jollywood, eh?
Grumpy: Say "yes", it'll go faster.
All: Yes!
Lord Starchbottom: What problem does the 7D need my help with?
Sneezy: Actually, there are only six of us here right now.
Lord Starchbottom: 6D. Fine. Whatever! What can help you with?
Bashful: We need to learn how to be quiet.
Lord Starchbottom: Well, that's easy. Just... stop... talking. (sees the 6D not talking) There! You see? You're doing it.
Grumpy: Doing what?
Lord Starchbottom: Pa-zzt!
Grumpy: What?
Lord Starchbottom: Pa-zi-zzt, pa-zi-zzt!!!
Happy: Are you all right, Starchy?
Lord Starchbottom: Nmmm! Nmmm!
Sneezy: He's fine.
Lord Starchbottom: Pa-pap!!
Sleepy: You sure?
Lord Starchbottom: (bites the edge of the table; shakes)
Grumpy: That's normal for him.
Lord Starchbottom: The key to being quiet is being QUIET!!!
Grumpy: Well, why didn't you say so?
Lord Starchbottom: I just did!
Grumpy: No, you didn't.
Lord Starchbottom: I did so!
Grumpy: Well, I wasn't listening then.
Lord Starchbottom: Bzzt-za-bzzt... Stop! All right! Listen, let's just start by seeing how long you can be quiet. I will begin timing you... now!
Grumpy: (touches the hourglass) Is this thing workin'?
Lord Starchbottom: (shrieks)
Happy: Grumpy...
Sneezy: (sneezes, as he blasts the hourglass that stuck into Sleepy's head)
Sleepy: Winkers!

(Cut to Doc's approaching to the lake)
Doc: (sighs) Peace and quiet at last. Now all I need is an idea. Hmm... (As Doc's circling with his compass, the birds on a branch tweet Happy's song, making Doc's compass go wrong) Seriously? Please stop that tweeting. (the birds insubordinately continue tweeting) Hmph!

(Cut to Doc, sitting near a pond)
(As Doc's still circling, the frogs on the lily pads croak Happy's song)
Doc: Oh, great! Singing frogs!
(the croaking still continues)

(Cut to Doc, staying inside an almost-cut-off tree, holding a mechanic ruler)
Doc: Hmm... (the arrow in the box attached to the ruler moves) Hmm... (the arrow moves again, then an ant parade starts singing Happy's song) What is that? (Doc sees the ants) Well, hickory-dickory me! If I'm gonna come up with the thingy Queen Delightful needs, I just gotta find some peace and quiet!

(Cut to the castle, where the 6D are arguing noisily)
Bashful: Floom, floom...
Sleepy: You talked first.
Sneezy: Did not. Dopey did!
Happy: Dopey can't talk.
Grumpy: It wasn't me. It was Bashful. (the other dwarfs groan)
Bashful: Don't start with me, Grumpster!
Lord Starchbottom: I guess this proves that you 7...
Sleepy: Six.
Lord Starchbottom: ...6D cannot be quiet!
Grumpy: Oh, yes, we can!
Lord Starchbottom: Bzt! You're a lost cause, helpless.
Grumpy: No, we're not.
Lord Starchbottom: Yes, you are. I am so sure that you 7--
Sleepy: Six. Lord Starchbottom: Bsst-sn-ye! I'm so positive that you 7...
Sleepy: Six!
Lord Starchbottom: 6D! I am so certain that you cannot keep quiet for as long as it takes for all the sand to run through this hourglass that if you do -- ho ho! -- (dramatic sounds play in the background) I will stand on my head for an hour in a tub of pudding!
Bashful: Ooh, that I want to see.
Happy: Me too.
Grumpy: You sir, have a bet!
Lord Starchbottom: All right, be quiet! Starting now! (turns over the hourglass)
Grumpy: Did he turn over the hourglass?
Sleepy: Grumpy!
Sneezy: Ah, you ruined it!
Lord Starchbottom: (chuckles) I see no pudding in my future.
Happy: It was a good start though, right?
Grumpy: How long did we last?
Lord Starchbottom: Two grains of sand.
Grumpy: And how many are in there?
(All dwarfs exclaim)

(Cut to Doc sitting on the Sky Bucket)
Doc: Oh, fuzzy-wigs! I gotta figure out this thingy for the Queen!
(Doc arrives at the Tranquil Desert)
Conductor: (rings a bell) Last stop! Tranquil Desert! End of a line! Enjoy the silence!
Doc: Perfect! Just the kind of peace and quiet I need. Yup, this is exactly what I was hoping for. Not a thing to be heard from miles and miles (He unfolds the paper and circles by a compass) Wait. What's that? Did I hear something? (Sees nothing) Nope! (Continues circling, Then the arrow on the ruler moves) There it is again! (Still sees nothing) Absolutely nothing! (He wipes his glasses and continues circling)

(Off-screen, voiceover is in italic)
Queen Delightful: Doc, I need you to invent a large, loud, one-of-a-kind thingy!
(Doc's heart pounding, then he sweats)
Bashful: Inventing something for Queen Delightful would make me so n-nervous.
Grumpy: Can't you see Doc's trying to concentrate?
Bashful: Is it hard to think up such important inventions?
(Doc screams)
Doc: Now it's too quiet! I can't take it anymore. Phooey-patooey-spagooey!!! (he falls onto the sand, then stands up and grabs his tools as he leaves Tranquil Desert)

(Cut to inside the chart chamber as we can see the sand in the hourglass running out and the 6D are trying to be silent. Then as the sand runs out, the dwarfs finally can exhale, sneeze and gasp)
Lord Starchbottom: Whoa! You did it? (sees the sand has ran out) You did it!
The 6D: Yip-yip-yooray!
Happy: You know what that means. 

(Cut to inside the kitchen)
Lord Starchbottom: Prune pudding?
Happy: With chunks!
Lord Starchbottom: Yuck! (the dwarfs cheer as they see Starchy does the head-stand in the pudding)

(Cut to Doc arriving at the 7D's cottage)
Doc: Fellas. (sees no one) Fellas? They're not here! Well, they're probably sore at me 'cause I was so cranky. (pulls the rope to release the mechanical parts down) I need to invent something to call 'em home to tell 'em I'm sorry. (Doc's striking the hotten tube) First, the fellas were too loud and it was to noisy to think. Then I found quiet, but with so much quiet, I could only concentrate on how quiet it was! (Doc rubs the giant speaker with the rubbing machine) But the real problem was me! (Then he brings the thingy out of the attached-to-the-cottage clock) I was so worried about disappointing the Queen that I couldn't think! (gasps) I hope the guys will accept my apology! 7D, come on home! (he speaks with the thingy as it transmits Doc's voice and echoes all over Jollywood, including the castle) Come on home! Come on home! Come on home!
Happy: It's Doc, callin' us home!
Lord Starchbottom: Hey, am I done yet?
Grumpy: You got an hour to go, puddin'-head!
Lord Starchbottom: (sobs)

(Cut to the 7D standing on the balcony of the cottage)
Doc: Sorry I was cranky, fellas. I guess the pressure of having to invent something for the Queen made me nervous. It wasn't you guys, it was me! (the dwarfs say nothing as a surprise) Aren't you gonna say something? (the dwarfs smile as they have understood what Doc says) Oh, I get it. You learned how to be quiet, didn't ya? And you did it for me, so I could get my work done! (the dwarfs still say nothing) Don't you hear what I'm saying? (on the speaker-thingy) Thank you for being my buddies! (echoing) My buddies! My buddies! My buddies! My buddies!
Happy: Hey, Doc! You know that very important thingy you needed to invent for Queen Delightful?
Doc: Yeah?
Happy: Well, I think you've just invented it! (points at the thingy)
Doc: Well, whaddaya know? (chuckles) I did! (echoing) I did! I did!

(Cut to a balcony of the castle)
Queen Delightful: Oh, Doc. Thank you for my thingy. You finished just in time for me to make the important announcement that even the next kingdom over can hear. (feeding back) Attention! I have a very important announcement. It is this: Doc has invented a thingy so that I can now make very important announcements that can be heard in the next kingdom over. That is all! (echoing) That is all! That is all! That is all!

(Cut to the kingdom next over as the echo is going over)
Unnamed king: I need a thingy that will let me reply to Queen Delightful's very important announcements coming from Jollywood, and I need it at once.
(The female counterparts of The 7D are shown)
Girl Doc: Oh, a thingy? I'm gonna need some peace and quiet for this.

(Cut back to the castle of Jollywood)
Queen Delightful: Now who wants to join me in the kitchen for some squid liver sandwiches?
The 7D: Ewww!
Queen Delightful: Then, how about cookies and milk?
The 7D: I'm in!

(Cut to the kitchen where Starchy's still doing the head-stand)
Lord Starchbottom: Hey, how much longer do I have to stand on my head?
Grumpy: Whoops! Forgot to turn over the hourglass! Hehe! I will begin timing you... now! (turns over the hourglass)
Happy: Here's a little song to make the time pass by more quickly.

(Song: "Headstand in the Pudding")
 Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, head-stand in the pudding 
 Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, head-stand in the pudding 
 Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, head-stand in the pudding 
 You're doing a head-stand... 
 Right in the pudding! 
Lord Starchbottom: (whimpers)
(the end)

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