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Doc's Thingy - Cropped
Name Thingy
Purpose Send verbal messages loud and clear far away
Type Megaphone
Owner Queen Delightful
First appearance "The Very Important Thingy"

The thingy is a vocal amplification device built by Doc in "The Very Important Thingy". Queen Delightful commissioned him to build a device -- which she refers to as a "thingy" -- to send over messages to the king at the kingdom next over. But the problem is the Doc has much difficulty over what the thingy should be. A lot of noise also put a damper on his work, until he finally overcame these problems.


Made of brass, the huge thingy looks similar to real-life musical brass instruments. It has a swirling tube beginning at the mouthpiece; the tube leads to to the large horn in the middle, with a smaller horn sticks out from the top and another small horn sticking out on the bottom. The tube also include four air valves and an air pressure gauge. The thingy sits on a wooden cart.

In the series

Doc has trouble brainstorming for the thingy after his fellow dwarfs are noisy around him and that led him to find quiet places, but it all didn't go well for him. He returned home and unknowingly began to build and polish the device, then he successfully tested it. Doc didn't realize he finally succeeded until Happy said so. The 7D wheeled the thingy over to the castle balcony, where Delightful relays her message to her counterpart.


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