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Thinking Song
Artist(s) Maurice LaMarche, Kevin Michael Richardson, Bill Farmer, Billy West, Stephen Stanton and Scott Menville
Composer(s) N/A
Length N/A
Episode(s) "The Very Important Thingy"

Thinking Song is a song sung by the whole 7D (except for Doc) to motivate Doc up when he's trying to invent Queen's thingy, in the episode "The Very Important Thingy".


Happy: Whoa-whoa-whoa... think, think, think!
Doc's thinkin'
Noodlin' thoughts in his head
Think, think, think, he's creatin'
The greatest idea since sliced bread

Doc: (cracks his pencil, sighs) Fizzle sticks.

Happy: Doc has to really, really think this through
We have to think, oh, "What's the thingy supposed to do?"

Doc: (takes his tools out along as he sees Dopey eats dirtily) This is not working! Flibberygibblets! (hops into a barrel)

Happy: (inside the barrel) A notion comes, an idea grows!
He has to puzzle out which way the thingy goes

Doc: I can't think!

Happy: Oh, boys, boys, boys, we're distractin'
Doc's got very important work to do
Our noise, noise, noise is annoyin'
All: Doc's got very, very extraordinary, very important work to do!
(barrel crashes)
Work to do! Work to do! Work to do!
Work to do! Work to do! Work to do! Work to do!
Very, very, very, very, very important work to do!


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