This page include all the title cards from each episode of The 7D. Except for "Hildy the Good" and "Frankengloom", the background for each title card references a scene that will appear later in the segment. As with a handful of other kids' shows each title is also being announced verbally. In Season 1 only the holiday themed title cards are accompanied with background music; the BGM during title card sequences later become permanent starting in Season 2.

Season 1

Season 2



All title card sequences feature specific animation for each of the 7D (sans Hildy in "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof") based on his personality trait inside the circle. After a 7D member announces the title:

  • Doc: A whistle comes out from his hat and blows steam. (In "Buckets", a Halloween episode, his whistle screams instead of blowing steam.) In "Smarty Tooth" he only announces the title.
  • Happy: He strums a note on his guitar (except on the episode "The Long, Long Winter", "Abraca-Dopey", "Oh Happy Grumpy", and "Surely You Jest").
  • Sneezy: He sneezes a strong gust of wind, blowing him and the circle away from the screen. (In "Sneezin' Season" and "Leaf It To Sneezy", he also blows the title of the episode.)
  • Bashful: He goes into hiding; only his hat is visible.
  • Sleepy: He says the title while he's in bed with Mr. Hicklepips.
  • Dopey: He whistles.
  • Grumpy: He blows the flower on the top of his hat to the other side (except as described in the specific episodes section below).

For "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof":

  • Hildy: She says normally (preferably slowly).

Specific episodes

The following includes animation only used in these segments:

  • "In Yer Dreams, Pal": Grumpy only says the title and is in a different position.
  • "Say Pest to the Dress": Happy removes his hat and puts it back on his head while saying the title; he does not have his guitar.
  • "Giggleberries": After Happy announces the title, his weight causes him to slide off the title card, causing some damage on it.
  • "Jollyball Anyone?": Happy says the title in the form of asking a question.
  • "Grump-Tiki": Grumpy is unusually happy during the sequence. He then pops his mouth, a reference to the popping sound every time Le fromage de grosse pew is being mentioned.
  • "You Ain't See Nothin' Yeti!": Happy crosses his arms in a sweeping motion.
  • "Which Witch Is Which?": Bashful says the title using new animation. He pops up from the left of the circle, but still goes into hiding at the end.
  • "The Family Pickles": Again without his guitar, Happy pops up from the right and says the title, then Sir Yipsalot comes out of the pickle barrel.
  • "Dr. Jingleheimer": A terrified Doc announces the title as he is looking back and forth while a flash of lightning appears.
  • "Hop To It, Dopey!": Happy says the title, then he and the circle disappears.
  • "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks": Sleepy says the title as he sleeps, but this time he's not in his bed and falls out of the circle, and continues sleeping.
  • "Take Care of Your Elf!": Grumpy leans to the circle's left and the title with his arms crossed.
  • "The 7D and the Beast": By the end of the title sequence, Doc rubs his hands and looks rather mischievous.
  • "Bummer Vacation": Happy takes off his sunglasses when he announces the title.
  • "They Growl by Night": Grumpy is inside the circle that is illuminated by a spotlight.
  • "The Jollywood Games": Happy blows a whistle after says the title.
  • "Shapeshifter": Bashful appears scared and looks around while saying the title.
  • "Once in a Purple Moon": The moon takes the place of the circle Doc appears in.
  • "A Sneeze in Time": Only Sneezy's face and neck comes out of the 7D's cottage's cuckoo tower. He says the title, then sneezes himself back inside the clock.


  • Sir Yipsalot so far appears only once in a title card.
  • So far, the title card "Surprise" is the only one which is announced by the whole 7D (except for Grumpy and Dopey).
  • Dopey so far only appear three times -- "The Long, Long Winter", "Abraca-Dopey" and "Oh Happy Grumpy" -- and announce the title cards by whistling (along with Happy).
  • So far excluding "Surprise", Happy has the most appearances in a title card with 37; followed by Grumpy with 23; Doc with 14; Sneezy and Bashful each with five; Dopey and Sleepy each with three.
  • The two episodes "A Royal Pain in the Castle" / "A Sneeze in Time" mark the thirteenth set of episodes where the title cards are not announced by Happy; first was "Sneezin' Season / The Delightful Diamond Mystery"; the second was "For the Love of Cheese / Let's Get Organ-ized"; third was "Grim the Dragon / Free Teensy"; the fourth was "The Enchanted Shoes / Hildyrella"; the fifth was "The Very Important Thingy / Leaf It To Sneezy"; the sixth was "7 Frogs / Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt"; the seventh was "When Pigs Fly / Knight School"; the eighth was "Miss Fortune Teller / Grump-Tiki"; the ninth was "Dr. Jingleheimer / The Enchanted Forest Ranger"; the tenth was "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks / Take Care of Your Elf!"; the eleventh was "Game of Grumpy / The 7D and the Beast" and the twelfth was "Once in a Purple Moon / Water Ya Doin', Dopey?"
  • Hildy Gloom appears on the title card for "Cat on a Hot Grim Roof", making it the first time none of the 7D is featured.
  • "The Long, Long Winter" is the first episode which featured Happy announcing the title card without strumming his guitar. It also happened in "Abraca-Dopey", "Oh Happy Grumpy", "Giggleberries", "Jollyball Anyone?", "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti!", "The Family Pickles", "Take Me To Your Grumpy", "Surely You Jest", "Hop To It, Dopey!", "Bummer Vacation", "The Jollywood Games" and "There's a Monkey in My Hat"
  • "Jollybells" featured Happy announcing the title card with his holiday attire on (not the original/casual clothes as we see on most episodes).
    • Similarly, in "A Royal Pain in the Castle", Grumpy was featured announcing the title card with a king's attire on instead of his original/casual clothes.
  • Sneezy's five appearances on the title cards differs from each other: In "Sneezin' Season" and "Leaf it to Sneezy", he blew the circle and the title of the episode, whereas in "Hildyrella" and "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day" the circle was the only thing that blew away. However, in "A Sneeze In Time", neither the circle nor the title of the episode was blown.
  • In "Surprise", Grumpy didn't show his reaction (see Animation section above) after the announcing the title card.
  • In the title card for "Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam", Doc announces the title as "The Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam", though the word the is not in the title. This also occurred in the episode "Big Bad Sneezy" when Happy announced the title card as "The Big Bad Sneezy".
  • Only four title cards has more than one person in it: "The Long, Long Winter", "Surprise", "Abraca-Dopey" and "Oh Happy Grumpy".

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