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(The scene starts outside of the Castle as the Bing-Bong Bell blares louder than ever, then the scenes shifts to The 7D's mine, where Doc was speedily riding the mine cart, while the others are hanging on.)
7D: Whoo-hoo!
Grumpy: Slow down!
Doc: (crazy) Ha-ha-ha! No time! Queen Delightful never rings the emergency Bing-Bong Bell! Better take the shortcut. (pulls lever) Hold on!
(The rails change directions, heading for the platform to the shortcut. As they reach it, Doc hits the brakes on the mine cart and flings the others into a wire)
Happy: Again! Again! Again!
(Doc pulls down another lever to change the tube's destination to the Castle)
Doc: To the Castle!
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!
(The 7D ride the tubes)

(Cut to the Castle. Queen Delightful is still ringing the Emergency Bing-Bong Bell, while Starchy is hiding in terror, the 7D then arrives)
Bashful: Your Majesty, what's wrong?
Delightful: Save us! (The 7D turns around, they gasp and see a black knight with a mace, marching towards them)
Bashful: Leave our Queen alone, you big meanie.
(The knight drops the mace and takes off the helmet to reveal that it's only an innocent man)
Old man: Whatever you say, Bashful.
Dwarfs: Uncle Humidor!
Delightful: Surprise!
Humidor: (giggling:) Hmm-hmm-hmm! (steps out of the armor) Ha-ha-ha! Hello, my boys!

(Song: "Uncle Humidor")
Dwarfs: Heeeeeeeeeeeeee's--- uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle,
Uncle Humidor.
He's Queen Delightful's uncle
And he likes to go explore.

He sails the mighty oceans
And then he comes to shore,
He's uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle,
Uncle Humidor.

Humidor: My turn! Faster!
(in faster speed:)
I'm uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, Uncle Humidor.
I'm Queen Delightful's uncle and I like to go explore.
I sail the mighty oceans and then I come to shore,
I'm uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, Uncle Humidor.
This time, backwards! Take it, Happy!

Happy: Sure! That's easy! (sings the song backwards)
Elcnu, elcnu, elcnu, elcnu, Elcnu Rodimuh,
Seh neeuq slufthgiled elcnu dna eh sekil ot og erolpxe,
Eh slias eht ythgim snaeco dna neht eh semoc ot erohs,
S'eh elcnu, elcnu, elcnu, elcnu, Elcnu Rodimuh!
(song ends)

Humidor: Cats and jammies, that's the ticket. (greets the 7D and shakes hands) Hello, Sneezy! Wake up, Sleepy! Good to see you, Happy! Grumpy! Hello, Dopey! How's my favorite artiste?
Dopey: (whistles then shows a portrait of Queen Delightful)
Humidor: That's a corker! Good show, old boy! And Doc, I see you're still traveling and about in your amazing Funnel Tunnels, wah? (checks the tunnels) You really go almost anywhere in Jollywood?
Doc: You betcha!
Sneezy: Never know where Queen Delightful might need our help.
Humidor: It's good to know when I'm off exploring, the brave and noble 7D are looking after my precious niece.
Starchbottom: I, uh, I, I kinda help too...
Humidor: Oh, of course you do, Stickybottom.
Starchbottom: Starchbottom.
Humidor: No, thank you. Speaking of exploring, I'm on a quest at this very moment. One that's taken me the last twenty years. Spotting every type of bird in the kingdom and drawing it for my book, The Illustrated Companion of the birds of Jollywood by Theodore Isidor Humidor.
Doc: You've drawn every bird in the kingdom?
Grumpy: The Fluted Glow Owl?
Humidor: Page 47.
Happy: The Speckled Nard?
Humidor: Page 213.
Sneezy: The Festering Facepinch?
Uncle Humidor: Page 179. Spring and Winter plumage. I've drawn them all, except one. The most elusive bird in all of Jollywood. The Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger.
Happy: Gesundheit.
Humidor: No, thank you. It's only in Jollywood once every 10 years. And then only for one day, to bathe in the soothing waters at the base of Mount Jollywood before continuing its migration to Fervinia, thousands of miles away. And according to my calculations, today is that day!
Delightful: So I told Uncle Humi—I said Uncle Humi—do you know who knows that area better than anyone? The 7D. And they would love to take you there, right? (the dwarfs turn to Uncle Humidor)
Grumpy: You mean, we get to go on an adventure with you?
Humidor: Well, I suppose it is an adventure. Shall we?
Dwarfs: We're going on an adventure! We're going on an adventure!
Humidor: Then, let's be off! The Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger awaits!
Doc: We'll take the tubes!
Humidor: Capital idea!
Dwarfs: He's uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, Uncle Humidor! (The 7D then jumps on the tubes, Grumpy get stuck a bit then gets down to the tubes)
Delightful: Weeee! (Then jumps to the tubes)
Humidor: Tally ho! (Then dives into the tubes)
Starchbottom: (sighs)
Humidor: (comes out of the tubes) Would you like to come to, Stickybottom?
Starchbottom: Oh yes! I, I would.
Uncle Humidor: Good! You can carry my trunks. (Then jumps down back to the tubes again)
Starchbottom: (sarcastically) Oh... Fun.

(Cut to the base of Mt. Jollywood where one of the Nergandingslingers is taking a break)
Humidor: Cats and jammies, there it is! The Shiffle-Nnosed Nergandingslinger.
(Cuts to Starchy bringing in the trunks then gets crushed by them)
Starchbottom: (Slowly gets out of the trunks, then breathes a loud sigh of relief, which was heard by the bird)
Humidor: Confound it, old man. Keep it down! If it hears anything, it might fly away.
Starchbottom: (Gasps then lowers down his voice) Sorry.
Humidor: Well, no time like the present. (Runs to the trunks and gets his equipment) Let's get sketching before it flies off and I have to wait another ten years.
Dopey: (Whistles while holding his sketchpad up)
Humidor: Of course, you can draw too. You can document the day Theodore Isidor Humidor sketched his last bird. (He then picks up a leaf, then walks closer to where the bird is, then sets up his easel, and as he does, it runs away) Confondaloops. (He then hides behind a rock, but the bird runs away again, then starts chasing the bird.) Where are you going? (Continues chasing the bird) Not gonna hurt you.

(Cuts to Uncle Humidor and Doc)
Humidor: I could never get close enough to get a good drawing of it.
Doc: The bird kept scampering away.
Humidor: But luckily, I brought along something along that would help. I just needed Grumpy's assistance.

(Cut to Grumpy wearing a Nergandingslinger chick suit)
Grumpy: What am I doing again?
Humidor: You're going to lure the bird over by pretending to be a Nergandingslinger chick in need. Then, when it comes over to investigate your sad whimpers, I'll sketch it from behind this bush. Ready?
Grumpy: Sad whimpers, got it. (clears his throat)
Bashful: Didn't sound much like a bird.
Happy: You gotta be more like a birdie. You know, chirp and cheep, grab for worms, tuck your feathers in, lift up your leg. Something like that.
Grumpy: Chirp-cheep, chirp-cheep.
Doc: Throw in a limp, like you're injured.
Grumpy: Ugh, chirp. Ugh, cheep.
Delightful: Ooooh, oooh... Pretend one of your wings is floppy.
Grumpy: Chirp-cheep, bwahaha. Chirp-cheep, ugh.
Bashful: Grab your belly, like you have a tummy ache.
Grumpy: Chirp-cheep, what was in that worm? (groans, then fakes a faint)
Starchbottom: Pretend you have pink eye.
Grumpy: (gets up) Oh, you stay out of this. (The bird notices Grumpy)
Humidor: It's working! Louder!
Grumpy: Ah, chirp-cheep! Ow, oh, yeow, chirp-cheep. (then fakes a faint again)
(The Nergandingslinger alerts the other birds and runs to Grumpy)
Humidor: Good heavens! What luck! It's a whole Nergandingslinger family.
(The birds then decided to pick up Grumpy and run off to their nest)
Humidor: Well, that was unexpected.

(Cut to the Nergandingslinger's nest)
Grumpy: For the last time, let me go! (He then attempts to jump off the nest, but gets caught)
Humidor: Grumpy! Are you alright?
Grumpy: They think I'm their chick or something. They won't let me go!
Doc: Take off your costume.
Grumpy: I can't reach the buttons in the back with these wings!
Humidor: All right, I'll come and get you but I don't want to scare them off. (Uncle Humidor heads to the nest. Dopey on the other hand starts sketching something; as he reached the nest, he tried to convince the birds to let go of Grumpy) There, there now. I'm not going to hurt you. (slowly starts picking up Grumpy) Just put down the Grumpy. (One of the birds sneers at Uncle Humidor, which caused him to scream until he fell down and ran back to the others) Yaaaaah! That was also unexpected.
Sneezy: Uh, what are we gonna do?
Delightful: Oooh, I know what will work! I got this.

(Cut back to the bird's nest)
Delightful: Okay. As Queen of Jollywood, I hereby decree that you release Grumpy. (She screams then jumps out of the nest as she was chased by the birds)

(Cut to Starchy)
Starchbottom: In my job, I've learned how to get folks to do what I want. You just need to be firm, determined, unwilling to compromise.
(Cut to Starchy being attacked by the birds)
Starchbottom: And you need to be willing to scream.
Doc: We decided to go in as a group.
(Cut to the 7D, Starchy, Delightful and Uncle Humidor being chased away by the birds.)
Happy: Hee-hee... It didn't work even a little bit.
Delightful: (giggles) It didn't... (snickers)
Uncle Humidor: We have to rescue Grumpy before the Nergandingslingers fly off with him, not to return for 10 years.
Sleepy: You mean like that? (points at the birds flying away with Grumpy)
Grumpy: Ding! Oh, ding! Ding-a-ding-ding!
Humidor: Precisely. (realizes) Good heavens!
Grumpy: A little help!
Doc: 7D! Dwarf tower!
(The 7D builds the tower on top of Uncle Humidor and starts chasing the birds)
Grumpy: See you in 10 years! Take care of Gizelle!
Humidor: Confondaloops.
Sleepy: Where are they going, Uncle Humidor?
Humidor: They're continuing their migration, over the ocean.
Doc: To the mine!
Humidor: No, over the ocean.
Doc: No, I mean we should go to the mine.

(Cut to the 7D and the others, back in the shortcut's platform)
Doc: This map shows everywhere the Funnel Tunnels go in the kingdom.
Sneezy: Including right here. (points a spot on the map) The cliffs along the Jollywood sea.
Humidor: Which is directly in the flight path of the birds and Grumpy.
Doc: Hmmm... We can shoot one of us up through the funnels, into the sky and grab Grumpy as the birds fly over. I've already sent Happy and Dopey up as lookouts. (calls them) Happy, see anything yet?

(Cut to where Happy and Dopey are looking out for the birds, Dopey is still sketching)
Happy: Nope. But it sure is pretty.
Dopey: (whistles and points out that the birds are already nearby)
Happy: Wait! Here they come, better hurry!
Delightful: So, which one of you is going up?
Starchy: (looks around) No volunteers? Nobody? There's still time. She's counting on you. No? I... (clears throat) I'll go, Your Majesty.
Humidor: No. I'll go. I got Grumpy into this mess and I'll get him out.
Starchbottom: (breathes a sigh of relief) Oh, thank goodness! Woo-hoo-hoo! I mean, shoot!
Doc: (hands Uncle Humidor an umbrella) You might need this umbrella.
Humidor: Expecting a touch of rain?
Doc: Believe me, I-I tried this once without an umbrella, and it doesn't work. I need full power, Sneezy.
Sneezy: Got it. (turns the valves on)
Happy: Get ready... Almost... (sees the birds are already on target) Now!
Doc: Now!
Sneezy: (sneezes, then pulls the lever down... the destination of the funnel tunnels changed to up in the sky and launches Uncle Humidor up)
Uncle Humidor: Cats and jammies! (grabs Grumpy, but as he grabs Grumpy the costume rips off and starts descending down, he then opens the umbrella)
Grumpy: (to the bird) Uh, hi! (the Nergandingslinger drops him off)
Humidor: (catches Grumpy) Gotcha! (lands safely)
Grumpy: (breathes a sigh of relief) Thanks, Uncle Humidor.
Humidor: You're welcome, Grumpy. This has turned out to be a ripping good adventure after all. Unfortunately, I never got a sketch of the Nergandingslingers. Now, I have to wait another ten years to finish my book.
Dopey: (whistles and hands him his sketch of the birds)
Humidor: Cats and jammies! Good show, Dopey. Thanks to you, soon bird lovers all over the globe will be gobbling up copies of my book.

(Cut to the Nergandingslingers eating a copy of Uncle Humidor's book)
Nergandingslingers: Nergan-ding! Ding-ding-ding! Ding-ding-ding!
(a Nergandingslinger eats a copy, the middle of its throat turns into a square shape)

(Song: "Uncle Humidor (reprise))
Dwarfs: He's Uncle Humidor!
(episode ends)

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