Even though the show already ended, there are still some people who continue to attack it. Yesterday, a person noticed the link to the Save The 7D petition on our Facebook page, and left a comment saying that he won't support it, which is fine. However, it got nasty from there: He described the show as a "crime against humanity" and a "inbred disgrace" to the film which it was based on. The negative reactions towards The 7D go far back to the day Disney announced the show in 2012, with people denouncing it as "stupid", "disrespecting the Disney legacy", calling that the look of the characters and its art direction ugly, etc. Some even said that the show was trying to replace the dwarfs from the movie, which is obviously not true. I also remembered that there were a few YouTube videos appeared by the series' finale celebrating the end of the show they don't like. And I had one Donald Trump supporter on Twitter who retweeted the link to the petition, while at the same time derided it.

I never understand why people online would dedicate some of their time viciously attacking something as silly as a harmless TV show or something else they don't understand. You don't have to like it, but don't be a jerk.

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