My first fanfiction. I hope you like it.
This was suggested by Criminalcasefan321, thank you for the suggestion!


The 7D, Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom visited the Kingdom of Chi-Chi, where they must uncover the deepest darkest secret of this kingdom.

  • This fanfic took place after "Abraca-Dopey".


Queen Delightful summons the 7D a Saturday dawn by the Bing Bong Bell

Queen Delightful: Sorry for disturbing your sleep, 7D. But you have an another mission.
Doc: What your majesty?
Queen Delightful: I learned something about Kingdom of Chi-Chi. I can't believe what I've saw! All the 7D: What?
Queen Delightful: People who live in Chi-Chi are always Grumpy: I don't give a heck about it, I don't live there either.
Happy: Maybe all they need is joy. So all I wanna do is sing them songs! Even rock music will work!
Grumpy: Please not those darn rock n'roll music, Happy.

"We're Working on It!"
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