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Waffle Schnitzel
Waffle Eatery
Location Waffle Schnitzel
Type Eatery
First appearance "Surprise"
Latest appearance "Frankengloom"

Waffle Schnitzel is a restaurant serving waffles located in the Jollywood Village. It first appeared in "Surprise". The 7D meets Lord Starchbottom there to tell them that they're planning a party with the Glooms eavesdropping at their conversation. It briefly reappears in "Frankengloom" when the 7D sing their way to the restaurant.


Waffle Schnitzel has the appearance of a typical cottage seen throughout Europe as with the rest of the buildings in the village. Hanging above the entrance is a huge sign depicting a jug pouring syrup into a plate of waffles. Its front door contains an image of a knife and a fork. In "Surprise", the building is shown with a sidewalk; the sidewalk doesn't appear in "Frankengloom". Also only on "Frankengloom" a doorbell hanging above is shown.

In the series


Starchbottom goes to the Waffle Schnitzel for a plate of waffles. The Glooms are at the village wearing their invisibility hats to ensure no one seems them spying. They follow Starchbottom to the restaurant, and sits next to him enjoying his meal, hoping that he would in any way spill any potential secrets about Queen Delightful. Then, the 7D burrow a hole at the restaurant from their tunnel network and make their way up via an elevator. The dwarfs inform Starchbottom that they are planning a surprise party for Delightful and want him to stall her during the day. He fears that he would fail at spoiling the surprise for her, but after the 7D's motivation, Starchbottom rushes out of the Waffle Schnitzel. After the 7D leave as well, Hildy feels the excitement of having a party so she tells Grim that she wants one.


Early in the segment, the 7D go to Waffle Schnitzel while unknowingly passing by a monster that's causing some damage in the village. Dopey whistles at the end of their singing while they arrive at the restaurant, which causes the monster to roar loudly and pick up a streetlamp. Dopey comes back out to hear the commotion; his tall hat hits the doorbell from above, calming the monster. Dopey goes back inside whistling, presumably about that he sees nothing, and the monster is again enraged and leaves.




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