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Hildy: Squee! My Sell of the Month Club came! Abraca-Geezer... an aging spell guaranteed to turn anyone old.
Grim: Aw, that's nice.
Hildy: I will just cast it on Queen Delightful and then she will be too old to rule, and I will take over Jollywood.
Grim: Ah, cool. Score! I figured out how to make a snare trap! Whoo-hoo!
Hildy: Ugh. (steps on Grim's trap) Aah!
Grim: Snare trap!
Hildy: Get. Me. Down.
Grim: Right! (cuts the rope)
Hildy: (gasps, falls down) Why on earth do you need a snare trap?
Grim: I know I had a reason for that. Let me think.
Hildy: (groans)
Grim: Got it! Nope.
Hildy: Get ready for an early retirement, Queenie Bo Beanie. A Shar-Pei wrinkle just a sprinkle and a dash of ancient thyme. Stir with a spoon, add just one prune... but two will make her even older and now you're past your prime!
Queen Delightful: Do you smell prune?
Lord Starchbottom: (Screams)
The 7D: The 7D, at your majesty's service!
Lord Starchbottom: The Queen, magic, waaahhh!!
Queen Delightful: 7D, I'm so glad your here.
Lord Starchbottom: I just told you. The Queen, magic, waaahhh!!
Grumpy: Gonna be a long episode.
Queen Delightful: I don't know much about being old, I just know that I suddenly love Bingo. Come on B 14!

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