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Whoopty-Doopty Schmoodly Tube
S2e04b whoopty-doopty schmoodly tube appearing
S2e04b 7d coming to the queen's aid The portal at the mine (above) and at the castle
Name Whoopty-Doopty Schmoodly Tube
Purpose To provide an emergency exit from a cave-in
Type Pneumatic tube
Owner Doc
First appearance "Delight Me, Delight Me Not"

The Whoopty-Doopty Schmoodly Tube is a single pneumatic tube invented by Doc. Having first appeared in "Delight Me, Delight Me Not", Doc built one just in case if there's a cave-in at the mine. When Hildy and Grim did just that when they confront Bashful to steal the Delightnotium, Doc have it ready to send him and the rest of the 7D to Queen Delightful's castle to save Delightful.

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